I have a few interests which should be obvious if you’ve read any of my blog entries here so far.

Gaming. I’ve been a pretty enthusiastic gamer since I was a kid. Dad played Battleship with us and my grandparents would play cards with us (Gin and Gin Rummy) or we would help my grandma with Pinochle. I even lived with my aunt and uncle for a year and learned 3 player Pinochle. I enjoyed war games with my favorites being Wooden Ships and Iron Men and Richthofen’s War, both from Avalon Hill. In the mid 70’s I got into Dungeons and Dragons and have continued my gaming even to now with a pretty large collection of games.

Motorcycles. I’ve been off and on bikes since I was in The Army. A Yamaha 250 was my first bike followed by a Honda CB360T. I’ve had a few other bikes over the years and been in one pretty severe accident (spent a week in the hospital). Getting back on in 2001 was still exciting and I’ve put over 100,000 miles on the Hayabusa since I bought it in 2004.

Computers. I’ve been screwing around with computers since around 1980 or so with a Timex Sinclair with 2k of RAM upgraded to 16k of RAM to Bulletin Boards to Programming and advancing to now when I dig deep into some of the new technology.

Guitars. My newest hobby is learning to play guitar. I’m to the point where I have knowledge and a little skill and need to work harder on honing that skill if I ever want to actually play with others 🙂

Probably the only other hobby I dabble in is wood working. Most of my projects have been pretty rough but functional. The most recent ones; work bench in the garage, shed in the back yard, computer desk, and the recent gaming table, have been a lot fancier and came out quite well. I want to get into some smaller items and see how much better I can get.

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  1. Nancy Stern-Jude says:

    Hey Carl – this is your cohort in crime for the 2016 Freewheelers 1000n24. I can’t find the pictures you took from the ride. Am I missing something? I do have my glasses on. Let me know if I am just missing it!

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