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Genghis Con 32

So I got the okay to spend the weekend at one of Denver’s big gaming Conventions. Genghis Con. The other one is in September called Tacticon. Preregistration The folks who run the convention have a Yahoo mailing list where they … Continue reading

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Understanding Search

I was browsing Slashdot this morning and read the linked article on search engines. It’s a pretty interesting article over all about J.C. Penny and its rise to number one in search engine results. There’s discussion of Black Hat search … Continue reading

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Gaming Played Here

I started gaming long long ago with family games like Battleship, Risk, Chess, Rack-O, Gin Rummy, and Pinochle. Then Dad brought home Avalon Hill’s Outdoor Survival which was pretty cool. I got further into war games and got Richthofen’s War … Continue reading

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On Staying Hydrated

First off, I grew up with coffee in the house. I never got any that I’m aware of but I certainly like the smell. Dad would instruct us in how to make coffee and we’d bring it out in a … Continue reading

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A bit of background. I started actual programming on a Radio Shack Color Computer. I did some dinking around on a Timex Sinclair but I got serious with the CoCo. Over the years, I’ve done a lot of programming. Mostly … Continue reading

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