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Refinishing The Deck

The deck at the house is a bit dried out and aged looking. We’d been on the lookout for someone to do the siding and decks as protection is needed here in the mountains. We’re closer to the sun and … Continue reading

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Weeds and Lawns

The annoying broadleaf weed is Common Mallow. Get ground damp and pull. Pointy leaves, purple flowers and dense seed puffs is Canadian Thistle. Paint leaves with herbicide. The succulent in the cracks and edge of the grass is … Continue reading

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Electrical Work

I spent a good part of Saturday finally mapping out all the plugs and lights and their panel correlation. Since I’m working on the house, replacing carpet, I want to replace the painted over plugs with newer ones, replace the … Continue reading

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State of the House

I recently refinanced the house as part of our separation agreement. This removes the responsibility for the house from Rita in case something happens to me, financially or otherwise. It’s a big sigh of relief for her as this isn’t … Continue reading

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Building a Shed

Here’s the thing. I have a bunch of garden stuff in the garage. Lawn mower, shovels, rakes, bags of various fertilizers, weed killer, and of course bug killers of various sorts. It’s a bit annoying especially since I do woodworking … Continue reading

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