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Awards from Work

I have a couple of traits that work well in a Unix management job. I’m pretty organized. I like to have and create documentation. I don’t like surprises so I’m very proactive in identifying and resolving problems before they become … Continue reading

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Spring and Motorcycle Maintenance

Ok, so about three years ago, maybe four, about this time of year I replaced my front and rear sprocket and the chain on my Hayabusa motorcycle. I’ve replaced the chain several times and change sprockets every other chain change. … Continue reading

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Books and Reading

Another in a series defining Carl or at least explaining me 🙂 As family can probably tell you, I love to read. Mostly Fantasy and Science Fiction but I also read other genres. Mom was the one that got me … Continue reading

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Guitar Tuning

Not really the kind where you take an electronic tuner and check the strings to make sure they’re EADGBE (the notes of each open string) but more like a yearly or so tune up of the guitar itself. Back in … Continue reading

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Wending Our Way Home

Ah the last day. I’m always in a hurry on departure days and would rather be at the airport 2 hours early than right on the dot. It leaves no time for error or even chance. We got up at … Continue reading

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Last Day to Tour

We’ve been sticking our heads in at the various shops looking for a t-shirt that didn’t have some touristy saying on it like “I Love Prague” or “Praha Praha Praha Praha”, or even “Prague Drinking Team”. So we headed out … Continue reading

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Touring The Jewish Museum in Prague

Limited wifi here in the new hotel. We have access but it’s very very slow so I’m typing it in as a note and will post when I get a chance. We packed up after breakfast, checked out and headed … Continue reading

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Visiting the Library

Today we left at 9:15 or so heading down to take the tram downtown. Yesterday’s ticket was good until 10:19 so we had time. As we headed down we crossed in front of the church in the peace square and … Continue reading

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Relaxing in Prague

Rita decided today that we’d be riding the Trams instead of walking for which my feet were grateful. We started out but it was cold enough that we turned around and grab our coats. We did a little touring on … Continue reading

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People in Prague

Just some observations while people watching. The first day while we were checking out the big church, a little boy, about 4 or 5 walked out of a store, I guess, dropped his pants and underpants and peed on the … Continue reading

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