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Llamas Band Website

Overview This article provides instructions in how to build my llamas container and then how to deploy it into my kubernetes cluster. In addition, a Horizontal Pod Autoscaling configuration is used. Container Build The llamas website is automatically installed in … Continue reading

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GitLab CI/CD Pipeline

Overview This article provides details on my use of the GitLab Runners in order to deploy websites and then automatically build, tag, and push images to my local docker repository. Runner Installation I’ve been using Jenkins for most of my … Continue reading

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Docker Distribution

Overview At a prior job I used Artifactory to manage images. The nice thing about Artifactory is you can create a Virtual Repository in that you configure it to automatically pull images from a Remote Repository to make it available … Continue reading

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Docker Best Practices

Use the Official Docker Image for your Base Image. Download the image from the site. Never use the Latest tag for an image. In order for consistency, identify the version you want to use. This also prevents potentially breaking … Continue reading

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Docker Registry

Overview I have a requirement to create a local Docker Registry. I’m doing this because I have four Kubernetes clusters to somewhat mirror the work environment. This lets me test out various new bits I want to apply to the … Continue reading

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