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Jinja2: Encountered Unknown Tag

Overview I was running an Ansible playbook and one of the templates failed with the following error: Jinja2 uses a brace + percent and a percent + brace to identify Jinja2 commands that are used when preprocessing a template. This … Continue reading

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Development and Branches

Many many many years ago, I learned to program. It was on a Radio Shack Color Computer. It had a BASIC plug in pack and I think I could save to a cassette tape. I followed the BASIC programming book … Continue reading

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Convert From CentOS 8 to CentOS Streams

Overview This article provides brief instructions on how to convert and upgrade a CentOS 8 system. Background In December 2021, Red Hat retired the CentOS 8 AppSteam BaseOS, Extras, and the other CentOS mirrors in favor of going to a … Continue reading

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Increase Ingress Routers

A problem I found with my OKD4 cluster is the HAProxy statistics were claiming 5 of my 7 worker nodes were red, aka down. After some searching, I found HAProxy is reporting via the ingress router pods. Further checking of … Continue reading

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Migrating KVM Guests

Overview This article describes the process in migrating a Virtual Machine from one physical host to another. Background There are two methods of how the virtual machines were built on the current hosts. The old way is to create a … Continue reading

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Computers And Me

Over the past 12 months, I’ve deep dived into automation. I’d been investigating this for some time prior to that but this was work related. This involved research into using Terraform to automatically build virtual machines and Ansible to configure … Continue reading

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Gitlab Runners

Overview This article provides local configuration details specific to the site. Links to the relevant documentation will also be provided. Description The gitlab-runner is a tool that uses the .gitlab-ci.yml file to build, test, and deploy to the target host. … Continue reading

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Resize KVM Images

Overview In order to properly support the environment, one set of images will be retrieved from the Red Hat OpenShift reference site for Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS. These images will then be modified in order to support the necessary installations. … Continue reading

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Docker Best Practices

Use the Official Docker Image for your Base Image. Download the image from the site. Never use the Latest tag for an image. In order for consistency, identify the version you want to use. This also prevents potentially breaking … Continue reading

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Replacing An OKD Master

I’m running an OKD4 (aka an upstream Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform v4) cluster at home. Recently my bldr0cuomokdmst1 master node crapped out. I couldn’t even log in to determine the problem. For my current Kubernetes clusters, I’m casting the … Continue reading

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