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Ride to Westminster

Ah, another ride report. This time there is a bit of a difference and a first for Rita. The first difference is that Rita planned this trip entirely. She even had the maps. The plan was to head up to … Continue reading

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Yamaha 250 Motorcycle

When I lived with my Aunt and Uncle for a year, my uncle “gave” me a broken down motorcycle. I have no idea what it was and he said the “seals were broken” which made no sense to me at … Continue reading

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1974 Ford Pinto

My first car was a yellow 1974 Ford Pinto. I was stationed at Ft. Meade Maryland as a Military Policeman and needed to have a car. One of the guys in the platoon headed off to Korea so I bought … Continue reading

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Ft. Meade Maryland, Old Barracks

I was stationed in Ft. Meade Maryland at the 293rd Military Police Company, 519th Military Police Battalion. The other company was the 209th Military Police Company. I originally stayed in the older barracks, I was upstairs, third room from the … Continue reading

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Military Policeman

As I approached the end of High School, I didn’t have any real prospects. We’d moved across country from California to Maryland so I didn’t have any contacts, not that I had any back in California because we moved so … Continue reading

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