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RHCE Cheat Sheet

Just the commands ma’am. I can follow the links and read the books but ultimately I just want a cheat sheet to remind me what the actual commands are after all this studying. Memorize This! The following bits are the … Continue reading

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Career Day

In thinking about the last 40 years of me being in the workforce, I thought about the reasons for change or even leaving the company. Marine Corps Reserve Signed up as a grunt in the 10th grade with parental permission, … Continue reading

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Development Environments

I have a few big projects at work that I’ve created over the years. An inventory application, status management, and of course all the scripts (some 200 of them). Initially I’d work on the inventory and status apps on the … Continue reading

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State of the Game Room: 2017

Got my gaming table done last year. Building a New Gaming Table And plans for the Dice Towers. Building Dice Towers And last year I picked up a storage unit from Ikea (first picture). Yesterday we headed down to Ikea … Continue reading

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