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Ansible Automation Platform Projects

Overview This article will provide instructions in how to configure Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) and how to get your Project working. Links for various fields that I don’t need in my environment is provided at the end of this article. … Continue reading

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Llamas Band and Continuous Delivery

Overview In this article, I’ll be providing details on how to configure ArgoCD for the Llamas Band project including deploying to the other sites. Continuous Delivery With ArgoCD installed and the Llamas container CI pipeline completed, we’ll use this configuration … Continue reading

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GitLab CI/CD Pipeline

Overview This article provides details on my use of the GitLab Runners in order to deploy websites and then automatically build, tag, and push images to my local docker repository. Runner Installation I’ve been using Jenkins for most of my … Continue reading

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Development and Branches

Many many many years ago, I learned to program. It was on a Radio Shack Color Computer. It had a BASIC plug in pack and I think I could save to a cassette tape. I followed the BASIC programming book … Continue reading

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Gitlab Runners

Overview This article provides local configuration details specific to the site. Links to the relevant documentation will also be provided. Description The gitlab-runner is a tool that uses the .gitlab-ci.yml file to build, test, and deploy to the target host. … Continue reading

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