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Summer Access Road

We live in the mountains surrounded by pine and aspens and visited by elk, deer, moose, foxes, and bobcats plus the semi-domesticated animals like dogs and cats. The other thing we’re visited by are fires. Either by acts of nature … Continue reading

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Refinishing The Deck

The deck at the house is a bit dried out and aged looking. We’d been on the lookout for someone to do the siding and decks as protection is needed here in the mountains. We’re closer to the sun and … Continue reading

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New House!

That’s right. Both Jeanne and I are moving. She’s sold her place in Thornton and should be pretty much moved out by Saturday and I’m busy boxing up all my stuff and working around the house to put it up … Continue reading

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Electrical Work

I spent a good part of Saturday finally mapping out all the plugs and lights and their panel correlation. Since I’m working on the house, replacing carpet, I want to replace the painted over plugs with newer ones, replace the … Continue reading

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Grand Tetons and More

I’ve been doing some prep work to get the bike ready for a week long ride to Canada (Jasper/Banff National Park) in June with Jeanne. With the recent discovery of the bearing problem which I replaced and the additional work … Continue reading

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Niki Part 2

I bailed from work at 11 and headed over to Chipotle’s to grab some chicken for her and lunch for me. At home, she again was a little slow getting up off the couch but she did get up. I … Continue reading

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Today is a sad day. Today I will be saying goodbye to my cat Niki. I found Niki in the Prince William County shelter after my first marriage broke up. I was in an apartment by myself. I’d grown up … Continue reading

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On being sick

Saturday at about mid afternoon, I started experiencing a runny nose, mild headache, and lightly scratchy throat. It felt mainly like a severe allergy attack. I’d been leaving the windows open most of the week because of the nice weather … Continue reading

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Got a roommate last week. I’d advertised on and had a few folks interested. Alex is one. He’s coming from staying at a friend’s apartment, apparently for the past 5 years. He’s in his mid 20’s. He started bring … Continue reading

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Life goes on

Depression is an interesting emotion. I can’t explain why it happens. Yesterday morning I was pretty down. I’d been working with Rita the previous evening, trying to get paperwork together to buy a townhouse and frustrations were high (just dealing … Continue reading

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