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On being sick

Saturday at about mid afternoon, I started experiencing a runny nose, mild headache, and lightly scratchy throat. It felt mainly like a severe allergy attack. I’d been leaving the windows open most of the week because of the nice weather … Continue reading

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Got a roommate last week. I’d advertised on and had a few folks interested. Alex is one. He’s coming from staying at a friend’s apartment, apparently for the past 5 years. He’s in his mid 20’s. He started bring … Continue reading

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Life goes on

Depression is an interesting emotion. I can’t explain why it happens. Yesterday morning I was pretty down. I’d been working with Rita the previous evening, trying to get paperwork together to buy a townhouse and frustrations were high (just dealing … Continue reading

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Jeeping with Jim

Jim Williamson has been asking if we wanted to take a jeep ride into the mountains. I received an e-mail from him last night and immediately agreed. We made arrangements for when to get together (8:15am at my place) so … Continue reading

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Sad to report…

After 2 months of packing, cleaning, and emptying of the house, Rita and Ariel (her kitty) drove off this morning at 8:30am. 🙁 I have mixed emotions about this. Many folks on, at work, and my circle of gaming … Continue reading

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