The Show Must Go On!

I was listening to the two songs I had to sing and trying to remember the words, mainly to When I Come Along and after a bit, Jeanne and I took a bike ride up Rt 7 to Peak to Peak and back down 119 as a bit of relaxation.

We had a group event as well with Michael and Marcus, a Crawdad Boil. Michael ordered 70 lbs of Crawdads from Louisiana. Unfortunately we had to bail to go to the show just as they were finishing.

The show though!

About 20 minutes prior I was getting anxious yet again however it wasn’t as bad as previous butterflies and I got over it a little quicker. Sadly I forgot my picks and earplugs so had to spend a few bucks at the store so I could be ready. I pulled out my pedal board (tuner and distortion pedal) and got it set up, then the guitar and plugged in to the board. Then started tuning up and practicing a bit.

Jeanne had my iPad and the GoPro to try and record the show. A few bits were missed at the beginning of songs and the group intro was missed but nothing horrible. I did get recordings of the show which was perfect 🙂

I spent Sunday getting it loaded onto the computer and downloaded Microsoft Movie Maker to stitch them together. No sound in the app but the final was just fine. I uploaded it to YouTube:

Humorously I laughed at my singing but as I got used to it (or maybe I got better) it started sounding a little better. To me on stage with earplugs and such, it sounded pretty good if a bit high 🙂

Simple Man was a lot better than rehearsals. Still didn’t get all the notes but I did get a majority of them. And I played Simple Man on Rocksmith and improved by 100%, now that I know what I’m doing 🙂

Anyway, it was fun and I was able to sing and play so I did like that. Maybe voice lessons next 😀

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Friday Rock Camp!

Got there at 5:30pm. I’ve been practicing Simple Man and getting better however the start is still a bit off.

We went through the setlist, playing each one twice and then worked out the introductions and band name (CRIMe; Carl, Rich, Isaac, and Mike). It went pretty well overall and Simple Man was a bit more accurate. There were some instructions; directional mic so stay at the mic, lose the lyric sheets (taped to the monitor actually). Last minute tips.

Once done with that, we played a full set once again with the stage lights on. Jeanne was there along with Tim and John back in the shadows.

We ran through a couple of more times and touched on a couple of places where Mike wanted some extra time but generally it went pretty good.

A little anxiety of course; getting close and I’m singing! 🙂

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Thursday Rock Camp!

Clearly I haven’t worked on my arpeggiation as much as I should have.

Yesterday after getting home I practiced with Tab Pro (the Ultimate Guitar app) which let me drop the speed to 50% and I practiced the three patterns over and over again. I gradually sped up to 100% (which is fast) and was just a touch faster.

Then lesson time again. I’d missed a lesson and my instructor is excellent about rescheduling, partly because he also has to reschedule from time to time. We went over Simple Man again, but briefly, and learning to sing and play Green Day. I can sing it or play it but not both reliably. During the lesson I got better with that. I had 30 minutes to kill after the lesson before rehearsal and continued to practice Simple Man and played through the four songs.

During rehearsal I got to about 80% on Simple Man where I missed mainly the Am7 part but flubbed very few of the C/G/Am chords. Getting a lot better. I am sweating big time for this song though. My socks were wet

We whipped up a quick Jam and I suggested the 12 bar blues. We went through pretty well a couple of times and then bailed.

This morning however, the tips of my first three fingers on my left hand; middle and ring especially, feel pretty sore

Need more practice.

Tonight we’ll be trying this without the lyrics sheets so I’ll be spending the day memorizing the two I’ll be singing.

As Jeanne will be attending tonight, there may be video of the rehearsal. There will be video for tomorrow though.

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Wednesday Rock Camp

Last night I went home and practiced Simple Man with a metronome. First I tried to figure out the beat so I could set the metronome and then tried playing the arpeggiation. I tried it first by just playing the C pattern (and Am pattern) without fretting the chord, over and over again. Sometimes I’d get one or two in and flub it, others I’d get quite a bit in before messing it up. I switched to the G pattern as well. Then tried the C pattern to G pattern to Am pattern twice then C pattern, over and over. That was a bit harder. I will need to try and get that Am7 chord down though.

At the store, we went through all songs and did pretty well. I did a lot better with Simple Man, about 50% playing the proper pattern for the first three and making it up for the fourth as long as I hit that G on the e string at the right time. 🙂





Tuesday night I was basically just hitting the first three or four notes of the C and G chords and totally off by a string on the Am. Last night I was hitting all 8 notes on C and G most of the time and the Am some of the time. I basically played the first four of the Am7 and then G *ping* before starting over. If I tried to play all 8 notes, I’d flub the C and maybe the G chords.

Since I’m not hitting anything on the B or e strings for the G chord, I’m just leaving my index finger on the C as an anchor and moving my 2nd and 3rd fingers up one string, then down to Am, then moving my 3rd finger up to C. So CEG to CBG to CEA. Just need to work on that last arpeggiation.

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Rock Camp!

I signed up for Rock Camp! This is the second time I’m doing this and it’s great fun in general (you’ll see).

Location: Guitars Etc
460 Main Street
Longmont CO
Basement Stage (go in the double doors, head back to the instructor/lesson rooms in the back left, and left down the stairs)

Date: May 21st 2016

Time: 6pm

When I Come Around – Green Day
Living After Midnight – Judas Priest
Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd
It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
There may be a 12 bar blues jam as well; we did that last time

Cost: Free!!

Guitars Etc hosts and three instructors run a Rock Camp for adults (and for kids). We get a list of 4 songs and get together with other adults that we have never met before and Monday through Friday next week, we’ll learn how to play with the others. The songs themselves are moderately easy since the intention is to learn cues and when to start and stop, things like that and not so much complicated songs.

Last night was the first rehearsal. Mike, guitar player and Isaac, Bass player. Three instructors were there; Tim on Bass and Vocals, John the Lead Instructor, and the Drummer (can’t remember his name; update this later).

We spent two hours playing and mostly worked on Living After Midnight. I had the initial riff down pat but continuing on had a few confusing parts in trying to follow along. I was able to eventually get it going correctly although I was skipping a couple of notes. Plus I played the solo so I’ll want to work on that a tad; just a couple of bars.

Second song was Simple Man. I was arpeggiating, finger picking the chords. There are only three chords; C, G, and Am with a fourth Am7 chord just dropping the little finger on the third fret of the e string (that’s the lower, thinnest string; EADGBe where E is the thicker string at the top). I can change chords quickly enough but the coordination of picking the strings in sequence was losing me. I’d get two chords in and lose my place. It’s difficult but it is something I want to do better. I have a lesson tonight and I’ll ask Zack for some help on it.

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My Inspiration to Learn and Play Guitar

Samantha, Rita, and Jeanne 🙂 Here’s why:

I’ve been in to music since I was very young. My Mom had a lot of old albums like The Ink Spots, Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads (the pink album), and several crooners. My Dad played the trumpet but he only played for himself in his bedroom. I don’t recall his playing in front of us, ever. It was a brass trumpet but with a silver mouthpiece. When I was in school, I joined the band and played Dad’s trumpet. It was in a tweed case. I actually played pretty well. There were three of us playing first chair and another guy and I would compete and swap First Trumpet. I learned how to read music as well. Unfortunately being a military family, when we moved I didn’t continue.

30 years later my younger daughter, Samantha was going through musical stages. Voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, etc. My ex and I had split by then but I attended the showcases. They sold the guitar when she moved on to the next big thing but I was interested. I stopped in to Apple Music in Fredericksburg VA and asked what I would need. I bought a Made In Mexico (MiM) Telecaster, hard case, Fender bullet amp, a few picks, and a tab book of songs. I even bought my only ‘For Dummies’ book (Guitar for Dummies) and tried that. Not very inspirational though. A few years later I bought a Fender Acoustic in a box. Came with a gig bag and some other swag. I also bought a Bad Horsey Wah pedal for some reason 🙂

I did try to learn through the book but never really got anywhere. I carried the Tele with me as I moved around and would occasionally break out the books to try again even learning a little bit of Stairway to Heaven.

About 5 years later Rita, my second wife and I were visiting her cousin in California and he had a couple of guitars. I mentioned I’d been trying to learn from a book but he said my fingers were the wrong shape and I wouldn’t be able to play well (too rounded).

In Dec 2010, Rita tried to convince me to sell the guitar and gear (“either sell it or learn to play”). As she is pretty minimalist, I’m reasonably sure she wanted it gone but wouldn’t come right out and say it. And of course that kind of thing doesn’t work too well with me and I figured, the heck with it. I’m taking lessons. Humorously Rita signed me up for a group lesson at the rec center. 10 or so of us with acoustics each playing one bar of a song 🙂

The first one on one lesson with an instructor, Zack watched me fumble and made a couple of shape suggestions which pretty much opened my eyes and I was on my way.

I’m making up for lost time and pushing to get better so I can play with others. The little I’ve done has been excellent!

Jeanne has been super supportive over the past couple of years even singing with me on one Student Showcase last year. Someone being supportive of your efforts is immeasurable in motivating you to advance and improve. I’m pretty self-motivated but like many people, can lose interest if progress is not seen. Jeanne has pointed out that I’m improving and encouraged me to continue learning. That moves this into Awesome! 🙂

Thanks Samantha, Rita, and Jeanne 🙂

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New Bike Break In

With a new bike, I wanted to take a ride for several hours to check out the ergos and generally get a feel for how it rides so I can take care of any issues before the long distance ride in June (2 weeks, approximately 5,000 miles). I have a new helmet as well which was causing some issues on the way home from picking up the bike so I wanted to see if it was still an issue (break in period) or if I needed to make adjustments.

As a note, Jeanne and I have done quite a few rides on the Hayabusa including a multi-day ride to the Grand Tetons, Bryce Canyon, Moab, and Telluride before returning to Longmont and a ride to Virginia, Indianapolis, Chicago and back. We’ve ridden in rain and a touch of snow and done some camping. I’ve also passed along knowledge of the trips I’ve taken in the past including issues that have occurred. This also includes explanations of why I ride in the rain or snow; mainly when on a trip, we may not have the luxury of waiting a few days for the snow to stop or wait for sunny days to travel. That’s why you practice and why you have different types of gear along. You can’t just roll up the windows on a bike 🙂

So Sunday Jeanne and I took a ride up to Laramie, across to Cheyenne, and back to Longmont. This was intended as noted to be a first multi hour test ride of the bike checking for ergos and whatnot.

The ride up 287 was a little windy and temps were 55F when we got to Ft Collins after the first hour. I had expected some winds having gone to Laramie in the past and a touch cooler weather so I transferred some of my colder weather gear into the trunk including my heated gloves and the wire.

Temps dropped steadily and the wind increased as we headed north on 287. Winds were gusting at greater than 50mph according to the signs. My helmet was being pulled off my head and we spent so much time leaned left against the wind, that most of the wear on the tires were on the left edges. And at one point I couldn’t get the C14 going faster than 65mph and I was losing speed slowly. At about 62mph or so, we came out of the funnel and to the plains approaching Tie Siding and picked up speed again. Temps dropped to 34F as we got to Laramie. My left hand was icy cold and the wind had been blowing up my left sleeve!

We were going to snag lunch but decided to continue on on 80. One guy at the gas station asked if we were going west on 80 because 80 was closed west bound due to snow!

As we got on 80 east, it started to sprinkle a little. We could see fog ahead and the electronic signs were warning of fog and high winds. Going up the pass, the road started getting a touch wetter and a little more sprinkling. We had been seeing more snow on the banks on the side of the road and in the surrounding hills. The mix of rain and snow (sleet) was increasing as we head up the mountain and approached the pass. One of the road side signs had some blown snow stuck on the left side and the temps were again falling. 34, 32, 30, 28, 26. This was more sleet and temps were about where I was looking for a turn around and going slower but then we went over the pass. Still 26 and foggy and still wet. I popped open my visor to clear some of the fog on the inside. But the rain slacked off. No rain and cold I’m good with. As we continued, I could see the road drying out but more snow falling.

The temps slowly rose. It was still pretty cold. Probably 40 or so as we got to 25 south. West bound at Cheyenne was also closed with a long line of stopped trucks and cars. Humorously, the tail wind had me seeing 68mpg on the lcd 🙂

Anyway, we pulled in at a Denny’s for lunch then fought the winds as we headed south which included trying to suck the helmet off of my head! There were a couple of places where the cross winds changed directions quickly which was pretty scary but ultimately we made it back with Jeanne starting to nod off behind me (the *tap* *tap* *tap* of her helmet hitting mine 🙂 ).

The helmet needs to be modified. It’s pressing far too hard on the jaw. Maybe it can be adjusted or shaved.

Still need a heel rest for me. Throttlemeister worked pretty well although it’s a bit tight so I may want to add a washer to it.

One thing to note. Folks talk about replacing the whale of an exhaust. When I replaced the ‘busa exhaust, I found the balance was off requiring me to press a bit harder on the right hand and subsequently pack a bit heavier on the left saddlebag. The C14 is well balanced now. I can take my hands off on a straight and it basically stays straight. On the ‘busa I need to lean left about half a butt cheek 🙂 So thought before replacing the exhaust.

I tend to change position especially when riding, laying down on the tank bag and putting my elbows on my knees. This works quite well on the Hayabusa. On the Transalp, the bars are pretty wide and high making it difficult to get my elbows down. I was able to try it on the C14. The bars are a little higher than the ‘busa but I could get down and get my elbow on my knees.

Ultimately a good test ride, both for the ride itself and in reminding us why we check out the weather and check our gear before leaving 🙂

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New Motorcycle Time

One of the more annoying things I’ve discovered over the years about using the Hayabusa as a Sport-Touring platform is the lack of dealer support when I’m on the road. Nothing like sitting in a shop and they only have Sport tires because “who would tour on a ‘busa??” or “we won’t change your tire because it’s a Suzuki” (both in Fairbanks after getting a flat in the boonies) or “we don’t carry a chain for your bike” when in Maine or “here’s an old cranky (and cracked) front tire since we don’t typically carry sport-touring tires” in Virginia. I love the hell out of the ‘busa but if there’s a problem on the road, you’d better be able to fix it yourself or be prepared to pay a few bucks. On the plus side, it’s only had a mechanical, leave me on the side of the road once (rectifier/regulator burned out in Boulder) so it’s pretty reliable mechanically.

So on the road support is one of the key issues for me in selecting the next bike. The other is a bike somewhat similar to what I have in speed, comfort, and handling. A few years ago, I took a new Concours out for a ride and was pleasantly surprised by the speed; not quite as fast as the ‘busa but pretty close, comfort; not quite as leaned forward but yes a sportier position than a standard or cruiser, and it handled pretty close to how my ‘busa handled. After the test ride, getting back on the ‘busa had me shaking my head 😀 “Nope, not getting rid of the ‘busa; still better” but now I have a passenger who has no interest in riding her own bike and really wants to go places and see things. So I need to think about something a touch friendlier for her. 🙂

I’ve been calling and checking in on the local dealers, both Kawasaki shops. The G-Force folks in Boulder had a blue 2013 Concours with 0 miles. It had been sitting in the warehouse for the past 3 years gathering dust. Jeanne and I stopped in last Thursday to check it out and were able to see it but since it was still in the warehouse, unable to actually ride it. The salesman was willing to get a new battery and give me a call when he got it out, no later than this past Saturday. At the local shop, we checked out the new C14 but it was higher that I really wanted to spend at $15k before all the rest of the bits (closer to $16k). They had a few older C14’s, 2008 and 2011 along with a couple of BMWs, a 2000 at $5k and a much newer bagger at $17k. Still floating around my price point.

At this point I started looking further, into Denver itself. The G-Force place in Lakewood had a 2015 FJR, no price though and the Fay Myers place had a 2013 Concours in Blue for $10k with the saddlebags and trunk already. Still no call by Saturday so we headed out on the ‘busa.

First G-Force for a test ride on the FJR. 2015 FJR, no price on the website. At the dealer, price was $15,000 which was right at my limit, meaning there would be several hundred bucks more if I couldn’t get a break downward. The sales guy put me on the bike but nothing about the controls. I tried to start it by hitting the emergency flashers (which are the same place as the starter on most bikes 🙂 ) and during the ride I asked if they had heated grips as the grips were pretty warm. He said “nope!” but the grips were pretty hot by the time we got back to the dealer 🙂 The ride itself was 5 minutes or 2 miles per the paperwork and escorted with me following the sales guy around the block. It took a minute or two to get used to how responsive it was, how quick. It just leaped ahead. Nice there. The bike felt small to me I guess was about the only complaint. Like I was on Rita’s old 250 again. Not scrunched up small but narrow with my knees sticking up a little feeling. Anyway, the ride around the block was okay. I was able to get a little speed and it was quick, no doubt.

Next up, Fay Myers for a test ride on the Councours. 2013 C14, price $9,999.00. 3,300 miles when I got done riding it. I’d chatted with some web bot on Friday to arrange a ride but they never called the dealer I guess. The sales guy had to carefully get it out of the back row and take it back to service to get the tires pumped up and checked and make sure it was in test ride shape. It has been sitting in the bay for 2 months (52 days). I asked if Jeanne could ride and he waved his hand, “no problem” and I asked if there was a time limit and the sales guy said, “nope, take it out for 30 minutes if you like”, he walked me through the controls real quick, most things in the normal place. There was a button on the other side of the left grip that I think adjusted the suspension, I didn’t quite get what he said with my helmet and earplugs in. I took the bike for a quick, non-passenger ride around the parking lot a few times to get used to it and then let Jeanne get on. We headed out and cruised up and down the side and main roads for 10 minutes before hitting the freeway up to the next exit to see how she felt at higher speeds. The bike doesn’t have as much get up and go as the FJR or my ‘busa but it does have speed once it winds up. I was able to get up to speed without a problem with Jeanne on the back and the mirrors were perfect for seeing all around me (the FJR mirrors were similar). I brought it back in without a problem.

Overall, my Hayabusa is quick but the FJR is quicker with the C14 feeling a bit pokier.
The passenger pegs on the ‘busa are pegs. Both the FJR and C14 had heel rests for the passenger which Jeanne loved.
The ‘busa is certainly lower to the ground and the ergos are certainly forward. Both the FJR and C14 were tall. The FJR ergos were basically sit up and beg where the C14 was more forward which I preferred.
The ‘busa has my trunk which I could transfer to either the FJR or C14 if necessary. Likely there’s a standard Givi to FJR or C14 luggage rack mount somewhere. The C14 did already have a smaller Kawasaki blue and branded Givi trunk with the apparent tail light option, although not connected (or not there; maybe just reflectors).

Ignoring that the Fay Myers dealer was a lot more amenable about taking the bike out, the C14 was still the more appealing to me bike. After getting the VIN and Dealer information and passing it along to the Credit Union (preapproved loan), I received approval and notified the dealer. I paid the difference between the loan and total cost and the bike was mine. Thursday Jeanne and I drove down to Fay Myers to pick it up and ride it home.

Few observations from the ride and of course bits I picked up from reading the owner’s manual Thursday night.

I bought a new Shoei helmet at Fay Myers as since I had a new bike, I got a discount. I also bought a set of Frogg Toggs for Jeanne for the upcoming trip. The new helmet is much nicer than any other I’ve had but quite a bit more expensive that I’d anticipated. But I really did want a nicer helmet this time around. I will note that a new helmet and riding home in 2 hours of rush hour was extremely painful, especially around the jaw line. Just need to break it (or my jaw) in.

Ready to go, I put the spare helmet (I brought one just in case I didn’t get a new one) in the saddlebag. They tried to put the paperwork and a few other bits in the trunk but I couldn’t figure out how to secure it. I closed it but nothing I could do while at the dealer could secure it. Since I’m in the wind, I’m not too worried about something flying out. Heck, I left my Givi unlocked on the ‘busa riding through a heavy rain storm in Oklahoma with a bunch of gaming books and my laptop and nothing even got a raindrop. Still, I put the paperwork and stuff in the left saddlebag instead just in case. Once I got home, I removed it from the bike and brought it inside where I could examine it in better light and after a few minutes figured out how to secure it. The label does say “push” but it wasn’t real clear to my simple ‘busa mind 🙂 But pushing on the bottom of the catch had it pop over and secure the lid and it’s good now.

When riding her home, I was cycling through the LCD using the top button on the dash to check air pressure, temps, and other bits of information. Turns out there’s a little gray switch on the back of the left bar instrument cluster (see the bit next to the clutch reservoir in the first pic) that cycles through the display without having to take your hands off the bars.

There’s a ‘eco’ mode which leans out the mixture when just riding the slab. Default is off. There’s also a ‘twisty’/’slab’ mode for the brakes, default ‘twisty’ oddly enough.

The windscreen does lower (drops to basic when the key is turned off) and raise. At the top, it blocks the wind which is a bit uncomfortable if you’re used to the wind keeping you from full weight on your wrists. About 50% to 75% is good for me. And you can set the default height for when you turn on the bike.

I do need to chase down something for the pegs. It doesn’t have to be full floorboards though. I have heel rests I created for the ‘busa which work perfectly (just a couple pieces of slab steel bolted to the pegs). Even the next day, my arches were a bit sore. Same with getting a “throttlemeister” as I have it for the ‘busa and a taillight modulator. I think I have the ‘custom dynamics’ modulator (or something like that).

It’s interesting that many of the mods I did on the ‘busa to make it more of a touring bike are already on the C14.

I have the service manual on order and need to have a second FOB configured for piece of mind. I’ve also ordered Canyon Bars with highway pegs and sent an email to a guy in Florida who was recommended as he had a replacement, better tuned, ECU for the bike. $300 though so we’ll have to see on that one.

Riding it to work Friday and it was pretty responsive. It might have been just that I had a passenger during the test ride that the C14 felt a little poky. We’ll see as the weeks progress.

Two week trip in June. That’ll be the real break in 🙂

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Givi Trunk

A few years ago I snapped the orange Givi key off in the lock when storing lunch in the Givi 45L topcase. At the time, I broke out the big screwdriver and pried it open. I delayed because a bungee cord holds it in without an issue. Last year I followed up with Givi and they were super helpful. No replacement keys but you can get a replacement barrel and key set.

I bought the set and then tried to remove the assembly. There’s a screw on the inside but no dice. It wouldn’t come off. I screwed it back on thinking there was a safety bit on the inside so it must be unlocked first. I was on the lookout for a locksmith but they pretty much weren’t in the office, out helping folks get in their cars or rekeying houses.

I can remove the topcase by unscrewing the locking block on the base plate. Tonight I thought I’d try some super glue to reattach the broken key with the bit stuck in the barrel that broke off. Nope. Tried a small screwdriver too but no dice.

I realized there were four screws underneath that holds the mechanism that mounts to the base. Unscrew these four and it comes apart, bits everywhere. But the bit with the barrel also came off. Remove the locking washer, the barrel, and the seat, and put in the new bits.


This is heavily curse inducing.

There’s a plate that slides into a couple of grooves and is screwed in with the screw inside the case. Took a bit of study and a lot of cursing to get it figured out, in place, and screwed down.

The bottom is worsethough. A metal sliding plate with two heavy springs to keep it locked to the base. Plus a small spring and washer behind the orange push button on a peg. The washer is right on the end of the pin. Plus the positioning requires some fancy tool or something to maintain pressure as it’s assembled.

I’d seemingly get it in place but it was at an angle and I couldn’t close the locking mechanism. The plate on the top piece was a bit bent so I thought I might have to straighten it. Then I tried it without the spring and washer and realized there are two more bits of grooved plastic the bottom piece fits into.

Eventually, with all the cursing (but nothing thrown), I simply left out the spring and washer. I got it reassembled and the two inner springs push the Push button back out without issue and it mounts fine.

It’s back in place, locked, bungee in the case. Key on my key ring with the other Givi key for the C14. I blacked in the ‘busa Givi key so I knew which was which.

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Computer Comparison

My old computer, built in 2008 and upgraded a couple of times:

Case: Antec 900 ATX Ultimate Gamer PC Case
Power Supply: Corsair 750W CMPSU-750TX
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R
CPU: Intel Core 2 Dual Processor E8500, LGA775 Pkg 3.16 GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, 1333 MHz FSB, 45mm
CPU Fan: Zalman Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler CNPS9700 LED
Memory: G.SKILL 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) (16GB)
Video: EVGA 02G-P3-1469-KR GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked Video Card – 2GB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), 2x Dual-Link DVI-I, Mini-HDMI, DirectX 11, Dual-Slot, SLI Ready, Overclocked (x2)
Hard Disk: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3750640AS 750GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s (x3)
Hard Disk: Seagate 2TB Internal Desktop Hard Drive- 3.5″ Form Factor, SATA III 6 Gb/s, 64 MB Cache (x2)
Sound Card: Creative Labs X-Fi XtremeGamer SB073A
Speakers: Logitech X-540
DVD: Sony DRU-V200S-BR DVD+/-R 20x
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade
Monitor: Acer G235H (x4)
Keyboard: IBM Model M (1989)
Mouse: Logitech Trackman Wheel

Over the years I replaced the original ATI Radeon video cards with the nVidia due to shitty drivers and replaced the 8G of OCZ RAM with 16 G of RAM. I added a 4th Acer monitor and the 2TB drives.

New Computer:

Computer Case: Thermaltake LEVEL 10 GT, White
Power Supply: EVGA Supernova 850 watt G2 80 Plus Gold
Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Hero
CPU: Intel 4 Core i7-6700K
CPU Cooler: Corsair H90 (Hydro 90; Water based cooler)
Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series DDR4 PC2666 (4x8G: 32GB)
Video: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G (2x)
Storage: Samsung 850 EVO (500GB SSD)
Storage: Seagate 2TB Internal Desktop Hard Drive- 3.5″ Form Factor, SATA III 6 Gb/s, 64 MB Cache (x2)
Monitor: Wasabi Mango UHD430 Real 4K HDMI 2.0 SE 43″ LG AH-IPS Panel UHD 3840×2160 Displayport 1.2 43-Inch 10Bit Monitor
Monitor: Acer G235H (2x)
Keyboard: IBM Model M (1989)
Mouse: Logitech Wireless Trackball M570
WebCam: Logitech WebCam Pro 9000
Speakers: Logitech X-540
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Blu-Ray: LG Black Blu-ray Disc Drive SATA Model UH12NS30

Starcraft II runs pretty well. There’s a touch of lagging. I may try SLI just for S&G 🙂

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