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Memorial Day 2022 Ride

Day 3 Time to get up! We’re going to head up rt 50 and home today. I intend on stopping at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison park to show Samantha. Plus we’re going over Monarch Pass which is at … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2022 Ride

Day 2 The Studio 6 was actually pretty nice in general. The problem was I’d laid the Camelbak on the bed last night before heading to Outback and it leaked water on the foot of the bed. As such, I … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2022 Ride

Day 1 Samantha (my daughter) and I have been planning a couple of rides for the past several months. She attended a motorcycle repair school down in Florida and has ridden standards and cruisers a bunch of times so has … Continue reading

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Pre-ride Checklist

Going on a ride again after a couple of years of Covid and this time I’m taking along my daughter, Samantha. And she’ll be on the Hayabusa and I’ll be on the Concours for the short trip and maybe the … Continue reading

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Jinja2: Encountered Unknown Tag

Overview I was running an Ansible playbook and one of the templates failed with the following error: Jinja2 uses a brace + percent and a percent + brace to identify Jinja2 commands that are used when preprocessing a template. This … Continue reading

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Development and Branches

Many many many years ago, I learned to program. It was on a Radio Shack Color Computer. It had a BASIC plug in pack and I think I could save to a cassette tape. I followed the BASIC programming book … Continue reading

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Pork Tacos

This one is an easy and tasty meal and is awesome to the last taco. This is a crock pot recipe. You’ll assemble the ingredients and put a 3 lb pork shoulder into the crock pot, adjust for the size … Continue reading

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Carl and The Llamas

In Concert Practice For the past 5 years, the group has played together. We’ve had almost weekly practice sessions and have added songs as we got better. We’re up to about 16 songs and still adding more. We even played … Continue reading

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Convert From CentOS 8 to CentOS Streams

Overview This article provides brief instructions on how to convert and upgrade a CentOS 8 system. Background In December 2021, Red Hat retired the CentOS 8 AppSteam BaseOS, Extras, and the other CentOS mirrors in favor of going to a … Continue reading

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Increase Ingress Routers

A problem I found with my OKD4 cluster is the HAProxy statistics were claiming 5 of my 7 worker nodes were red, aka down. After some searching, I found HAProxy is reporting via the ingress router pods. Further checking of … Continue reading

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