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Another in a series defining Carl or at least explaining me đŸ™‚

As family can probably tell you, I love to read. Mostly Fantasy and Science Fiction but I also read other genres.

Mom was the one that got me started with Heinlein’s teen books and Andre Norton’s books. I expanded that by leaps and bounds.

Dad encouraged me to read but didn’t have a subject in mind although I do remember him telling mom to not let me read that Sci-Fi trash.

He did tell us that we could order any book from the Scholastic Book Club we wanted. There weren’t many I recall getting although we did get a lot. A Wrinkle In Time was one I recall fondly. Amazingly I don’t have a copy in my current library. There was another I remember the plot to but not the title. And of course the Peanuts Cookbook. There was a followup on there being too much lemon extract in the lemon suckers.

One series I really liked was The Hardy Boys. I had just about all the books I think only missing The Detective’s Handbook when I left to join The Army. While I was gone, dad gave them to Erich without asking. I was very upset about it.

Lately I’ve been making use of electronic books on my iPad. I’ve purchased several, mainly ones I already have. I’m not currently inclined to experiment since if I don’t like an ebook, I’m pretty much stuck with it.

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