On being sick

Saturday at about mid afternoon, I started experiencing a runny nose, mild headache, and lightly scratchy throat. It felt mainly like a severe allergy attack. I’d been leaving the windows open most of the week because of the nice weather so I figured it was just allergies. I doubled my honey dose and headed off to Brian’s for some gaming with Wendy and Brian.

Sunday upon getting up, my throat was pretty rough but I didn’t feel bad. Just a runny nose and rough throat. I figured the rough throat was just the result of sleeping with a runny nose. I hit the honey again and throughout the day, I felt better. I cleaned the house. I worked on the motorcycle. Even rode into Boulder to test the bike and redeem a couple of Barnes and Noble coupons.

But last night at 6, fever kicked in. Then a stuffy nose. I sent an email off to work. I generally take some cold and flu meds and if it is a cold, I’m knocked out and spend the next 14 or so hours sleeping it off. I let work know that if I was sick, I’d take the day. Otherwise I’ll be in like normal.

I hit the sack at around 7 and promptly passed out. I did wake up a few times. Pee breaks and of course, feeding Niki (she can be insistant 🙂 ). But didn’t really get up until around 10am.

I’ve been somewhat sick feeling today. Normal cold symptoms. I did feel well enough to take on call and even logged in to work, mainly to clear email. I am a tad warm now and have a mild cough. Still have the runny nose though.

The fun thing about this though is that I’m reading a Zombie Apocalypse series of books by Mira Grant. Feed, Deadline, and now Blackout. Plus I’m watching The Walking Dead. So viruses and such are already on my mind.

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