Career Day

In thinking about the last 40 years of me being in the workforce, I thought about the reasons for change or even leaving the company.

Marine Corps Reserve

Signed up as a grunt in the 10th grade with parental permission, standard line animal. When I left High School, I went active duty into The Army.

US Army

Started off as a Military Policeman and then as a Dispatcher. Said something threatening about a Sargent that was overheard and reported, and was transferred into working as a Graphics Artist for the Battalion. Worked in Ft. Meade MD as an MP then Graphic Artist, Erlangen Germany as a Battalion Graphic Artist, and then Ft. Belvoir VA as a Post Graphic Artist. Unable to reenlist due to being 5 lbs overweight.

Graphic Artist

I worked part time in Alexandria VA while in The Army as a Graphic Artist, then when I got out, I was a Typesetter. Work declined so was laid off.

Car Salesman

For 2 months, talked to over 300 people but only sold 7.5 cars. Let go.

Security Guard

Gate duty. Let go when the contract ended.


Worked part time as a Basic programmer mainly on Leading Edge (IBM compatible) and Franklin (Apple compatible) computers. Left briefly for some additional programming training then returned but left again when I was working more than he could afford.

Programmer/System Installer

Started off as a programmer working on Funeral Home and Point of Sales software. Then when the system installer left to start her own company, I took that over. When the company had issues with Employee taxes and the IRS, I bailed.

System Installer/LAN Admin

Worked installing networks and admining the company LAN. Also did some assembly of computers when needed. Company went out of business.

Tech Support/DBA/LAN Admin

Started off as a telephone tech support person, then moved to a DBA position briefly, then the company’s first full time LAN Admin. IT was outsourced.

LAN Admin

Company indicated I was to get a raise but when I mentioned just that I was getting a raise (not how much) to the others, the raise was pulled. I left the company.

LAN Admin/Trainer

Hired as a contractor to manage the LAN, refresh and provide support to others who had their own LANs, and support the Token Ring network folks. Company bought by another company.

LAN Admin/Trainer

Company advised me that when the contract ended, I’d be let go. Job search and moved on.

LAN Admin

Lots of changes as a contractor at this government agency. Started off as a LAN Admin but the company, which was a programming company ultimately, lost the position when the networks were consolidated into a central managed group.

Tech Support/LAN Admin/Unix Admin

Briefly provided Tech Support while the LAN Admin position opened up. Once it was available, I transferred into that group. After a bit, I was not happy with the work and planned on leaving but the company talked me into taking a Unix Admin position.

Unix Admin

Company was bought by a second company. As part of the transition, I was sent to Cisco training to get networking knowledge.

Unix Admin/Operations Engineer/Network Admin

Company left the contract and I was hired by the Prime Contractor. Started off as a Unix Admin but was brought in as an Operations Engineer to assist with the new contract with the customer. Then transitioned into being a Network Admin before leaving Virginia and moving to Colorado.

Tech Support/Network Admin

Worked in Athens Greece for 30 days assisting with the 2004 Olympics. Left as it was a 30 day contract.

Unix Admin

Managed Unix systems. Contract ended.

Unix Admin

Managed Unix systems. Company was very “cog in a machine” and folks were let go without warning. As I’m not comfortable with that sort of environment, I left.

Unix Admin

Managed Unix systems. The company had been purchased by a larger company a few years before I started but hadn’t exerted any control other than budgetary. Eventually the larger company started pushing for more control.

Operations Engineer

Moved into the ‘Build’ role of the company transition to a ‘Plan/Build/Run’ model. The definition of Build matches an Operations Engineering type role.

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