Thursday Rock Camp!

Clearly I haven’t worked on my arpeggiation as much as I should have.

Yesterday after getting home I practiced with Tab Pro (the Ultimate Guitar app) which let me drop the speed to 50% and I practiced the three patterns over and over again. I gradually sped up to 100% (which is fast) and was just a touch faster.

Then lesson time again. I’d missed a lesson and my instructor is excellent about rescheduling, partly because he also has to reschedule from time to time. We went over Simple Man again, but briefly, and learning to sing and play Green Day. I can sing it or play it but not both reliably. During the lesson I got better with that. I had 30 minutes to kill after the lesson before rehearsal and continued to practice Simple Man and played through the four songs.

During rehearsal I got to about 80% on Simple Man where I missed mainly the Am7 part but flubbed very few of the C/G/Am chords. Getting a lot better. I am sweating big time for this song though. My socks were wet

We whipped up a quick Jam and I suggested the 12 bar blues. We went through pretty well a couple of times and then bailed.

This morning however, the tips of my first three fingers on my left hand; middle and ring especially, feel pretty sore

Need more practice.

Tonight we’ll be trying this without the lyrics sheets so I’ll be spending the day memorizing the two I’ll be singing.

As Jeanne will be attending tonight, there may be video of the rehearsal. There will be video for tomorrow though.

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