The Show Must Go On!

I was listening to the two songs I had to sing and trying to remember the words, mainly to When I Come Along and after a bit, Jeanne and I took a bike ride up Rt 7 to Peak to Peak and back down 119 as a bit of relaxation.

We had a group event as well with Michael and Marcus, a Crawdad Boil. Michael ordered 70 lbs of Crawdads from Louisiana. Unfortunately we had to bail to go to the show just as they were finishing.

The show though!

About 20 minutes prior I was getting anxious yet again however it wasn’t as bad as previous butterflies and I got over it a little quicker. Sadly I forgot my picks and earplugs so had to spend a few bucks at the store so I could be ready. I pulled out my pedal board (tuner and distortion pedal) and got it set up, then the guitar and plugged in to the board. Then started tuning up and practicing a bit.

Jeanne had my iPad and the GoPro to try and record the show. A few bits were missed at the beginning of songs and the group intro was missed but nothing horrible. I did get recordings of the show which was perfect 🙂

I spent Sunday getting it loaded onto the computer and downloaded Microsoft Movie Maker to stitch them together. No sound in the app but the final was just fine. I uploaded it to YouTube:

Humorously I laughed at my singing but as I got used to it (or maybe I got better) it started sounding a little better. To me on stage with earplugs and such, it sounded pretty good if a bit high 🙂

Simple Man was a lot better than rehearsals. Still didn’t get all the notes but I did get a majority of them. And I played Simple Man on Rocksmith and improved by 100%, now that I know what I’m doing 🙂

Anyway, it was fun and I was able to sing and play so I did like that. Maybe voice lessons next 😀

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