[100,000 Miles!] 2004

Back in July of 2004 after returning from a month working in Athens Greece, I started looking at upgrading my new found hobby. See I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1976 when I bought a Yamaha 250 but only recently started looking at the other side of the fence. A GSXR750 changed my thoughts on what a motorcycle should be. Up until a year earlier, I thought sport bikes (or crotch rockets or sponge bikes) were for crazy young people out to kill themselves. But in picking up that 750 I found that I was missing quite a lot.

Right now though, after riding the 750 for a year, I’m looking to upgrade. The GSXR1000’s look pretty nice but the Hayabusa looks great too and are only a couple hundred more than the GSXR1000’s. Lots of “too fast for me” comments in Cycle Trader and of course the ever present “never ridden in the rain” descriptions.

I found several that I wanted to look at, both 1000’s and Hayabusa’s. First stop, a Hayabusa with low miles in downtown Denver. The guy lived and worked in Denver working for Microsoft. He only had 3,600 miles on it in two years and had been up to the tunnel on Rt 6 before turning around.

I did a little spin in the parking lot and really, really liked the bike. He showed me the hump, never been out of its packaging and was really interested in selling to me, as he “didn’t want to sell to an irresponsible kid who’ll hurt or kill himself.”

Rita and I headed out to check out the next listing. On the way, she asked “are you going to get a Hayabusa anyway?” Probably, I replied figuring to get a 1000 first and see how it goes then upgrade to the Hayabusa in the future. “Then why don’t you get this one now and skip the step?

All Righty Then 🙂

We called him back and arranged to meet where I’d exchange cash (at the credit union) and he’d turn over the bike. The transfer went without any trouble and I have a new (to me) bike.

Ride One

My first ride was that weekend. We were heading out to a bike dealer in Dayton Ohio on the 27th to pick up a Goldwing trike for Rita. I thought I’d make a quick run into the mountains to get used to the bike. It ran like a dream and seemed to fit just right.

Ride Two

I prepared for my trip. In addition to the new bike, I planned on an Iron Butt ride, my second attempt and first real long ride on the new bike. I rode to Evansville Indiana in 19 hours. I snagged Rita’s Joe Rocket tank bag (which we still have), bought a set of saddle bags (which I also still have), and threw a plastic wrapped SAIC bag (which I also still have) on the back as a tail bag with clothes.

A brand new bike (to me) with nary a blemish or scratch.

I did get my IronButt paperwork completed and received my certificate, pin, and license plate backing in a few months.

Ride Three

The Colorado Honda Sport Touring Association (CO-HSTA) has a small lightly active mailing list. In August of 2004 they held a Game Day. There is a list of points for various activities, awards to the highest. I decided to hit Mt Evans and Pike’s Peak both of which exceed 14,000 feet.

I needed pics of the bike at each location. This one is of me standing on the very top of Mt. Evans. Way way back in the parking lot is the Hayabusa. Pike’s peak was a dirt road the last 10 miles or so and the Hayabusa got a tiny bit dirty 🙂

Ride Four

I took a little ride. This was a 520 mile ride up 70 to Glenwood Springs, down to Gunnison, up Monarch Pass to Leadville and then back home. Just a short little day ride.

Ride Five

In late September, I headed down to Westcliffe to see Bishop’s Castle. This place is hand built by some guy who is fighting the county so he can build what he wants on his property. The county is refusing to bend and he just keeps adding stuff to this “castle”.

And there’s the Hayabusa way down at the street.

Ride Six

The last ride of the year. A quick ride in November up as far as I can go to Mt. Evans. A group got together for a quick ride and lunch then bailed. I continued to go riding just to see how far I could get.

Made it to the front gate but it’s closed for the winter.

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