Creating a Workbench

You may remember this table:

It was what I call a hack. I was trying something out and it turned out well enough for me to paint and cover with felt. I also made the computer desk behind it. That was a bit more planned, based off of my dad’s overlarge desk. I wanted something a bit more compact. Anyway, about a month ago my wife checked a woodworking book out of the library. I’d been interested in spiffing up the garage with some real wood projects since we’re planning on being here a while. I found a couple of interesting ideas and after asking a few questions, got started. The project consisted of 6 sheets of 3/4″ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), a sheet of 1/2″ pine plywood, a sheet of 1/4″ hardboard, and about 12′ of 1″x8″ oak.

I got started by cutting out all the pieces and identifying them based on the plans. I was able to use lots of my tools to do the work. Circular saw, Miter saw, Table saw with a regular blade and a 5/8″ dado blade used to cut grooves. I also used a router and a drill.

I made everything based on the plans. Table top. Cabinets. Drawers. Glue and screw for everything. Lots of yellow wood glue.

I cut out, assembled, sanded, and then used some polyurethane to protect the drawers.

My wife suggested the green paint and I made two more cabinets. I had already cut out the oak and just put them in place to show where they’d be positioned.

I picked out the drawer hardware (the slides), measured, screwed the bottoms to the bottom of the drawers and the slides into the sides of the cabinet. I had to use washers to adjust them a little as they were a little loose.

And then assembled the faces and handles to the drawers.

I painted the handles red, just to be different and then made and attached the cabinet doors. Of course the cabinets were painted the same color as the other two cabinets.

Over the past few days used the router to trim the top to size. Then I glued the laminate down to the table top and trimmed it with the router. Then I glued the trim to the table top along with the backsplash. I moved all the gear out of the way and put the whole thing back against the garage wall then screwed the cabinets to the table top. Done. I learned a lot both about the tools and techniques but about my own abilities. I think this came out pretty well and I’m ready to move on to the next project. This was a very brief summary of the past month. For more pictures, feel free to check them out:

Thanks for your time (hey, I’m proud of the job I did and wanted to share ).

Figure $425.00 for the materials and another $120 for tools I didn’t already have. I don’t have the receipt for the 12′ of Oak so I estimated $75. The internet purchase is an estimate too. I had to get over $50 to get free shipping so I added two more drawer hardware packages to get it over the top. In addition, I didn’t use up every bit so I have a savings on the next project (have a bunch of screws and a lot of scrap wood). I used scrap wood to make the two cabinet bases instead of buying another sheet of MDF for example. I also used some material I already had. Polyurethane paint I had for example. Oh, my wife bought the green paint but I don’t have a price for that either. It doesn’t include my time either It’s a reasonable materials estimate though.

Home Depot
MDF (6@28.34) = 170.04
BC Plywood = 27.88
Vinyl Panel = 17.21
Elmer’s Wood Filler = 4.98
Screws (6@2.19 (8×1 1/4″, 8×1 1/2″, 8×2″)) = 13.14
Screws 7@2.19 (#8×1″) = 15.33
Machine Screws = 5.97
Laminate = 35.64
Router Bit = 39.97
Clamps (2@39.96) = 79.92
ACE Box of 6×5/8″
Wood Screws = 3.89 Box of 6×3/4″
Wood Screws = 3.99
Box of Washers = 3.79

Hardware = 50.00

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