I planned out our Valentine’s week vacation starting last February. Scheduled the room, bought two season passes last summer, paid for a semi-private ski lesson for her (5 person vs a 20 group), all out.

Got there Saturday, rented boots for her, and skis and poles for us. Got settled and Sunday morning, went to Winter Park. Took a bit to find her class and I headed up to get my legs back. Been 8 years since I’d been up so it took a couple of runs to get it back. Finally at 3:30 I headed down, picked her up, back to the room and out to dinner.

Personally I’m partial to Chicken Marsala so I ordered Pollo al Marsala. Fettuccini was a bit cheesier than I prefer and virtually no marsala flavor in my opinion. An okay meal but not outstanding. I once gave a $20 tip directly to a cook due to an outstanding Chicken Marsala I had for dinner.

Anyway, 4am rolls around. Up, bathroom, NOW!

Food poisoning. I spent the day Monday either in bed or in the bathroom with dinner making its escape any way it could. By the third time, I was releasing Friday’s breakfast and hoping for death. Jeanne comforted me and made sure I had fluids to stay hydrated. Fruit Juice Gatorade is horrible.

I felt a bit better that night and Tuesday we tentatively headed out for breakfast. I opted for oatmeal and toast and was only able to eat about half and a couple of bites of toast. We did some slight walking but I was pretty weak. But not hungry. All day.

We finally hit a different place for Valentine’s dinner. I had trout to have something mild but only had about half. Still full feeling from breakfast.

Wednesday morning. Now Jeanne is ill. I suspect close association due to us being in the one room while I was sick. I did wash hands and face and brush teeth but floating particles and all. As I was still full feeling, easily out of breath, and weak, I said we should just bail 2 days early. We won’t be well enough to ski but at least we’ll be away from the pest hole.

Took several pauses in getting packed and out. I helped Jeanne out, checked out (and yes, informed the staff -again- about our sickness and the room). Two hour ride home, not too bad. Didn’t need to stop. Washed -all- clothes whether or not we wore them. Crashed Thursday.

I checked in with my health care provider. “Hey, still liquid poo, feel full, ideas?” She said probably an inflamed intestinal tract. Eat bland foods for a few days to reduce irritation and it’ll get better. So bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, and toast. Better today but not fully restored.

So. We skied for a few hours Sunday. Wheee.

On the plus side, Jeanne was super worried about learning to ski. She’s a lot more confident and ready to go again, maybe for a Saturday jaunt in 2 weeks.

But meals next time are at Wendy’s!

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2 Responses to Skiing!

  1. Rita says:

    Food poisoning isn’t contagious, so you got the stomach flu and then gave it to Jeanne. What a bummer it had to happen on your trip 🙁 Hope you’re both feeling better.

  2. Freejack says:

    I don’t know though. Couldn’t it be passed along due to the closeness of the environment. It’s a hotel room with a shared bathroom. I didn’t feel any fever until relatively late Monday afternoon/evening and it was pretty mild. It’s not like we sanitized the bathroom or hotel room. We did bring it up with the cleaning folks when we went out Tuesday. That’s not to say it wasn’t the flu. We certainly didn’t get checked out. We are feeling better though, thanks.

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