The New Game Room

I’ve spent the past week moving boxes from the garage into the new house. Mainly into the new Library/Guest Bedroom, Studio/Media Room, and Game Room. Part of this was getting shelves in place and boxes stashed where appropriate. Part was unpacking boxes and putting books and games on shelves. And of course, assembling the gaming table. The table itself is actually a four 3’x3′ module but due to the space taken by the couch, only two squares were assembled. It works pretty well as a board gaming table though.

At the moment, the left three Kallax shelves on the left are full of board games along with the top two shelves on the far right Kallax shelves. The right most two Kallax shelves are all RPGs with the bottom three shelves of the last one holding RPGs. The last shelf unit is a bit more haphazard in part because I found several boxes of games when I was unpacking the Library.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the Game Room:

As these were taken in the dark, here’s a pic from the original sale site:

And another one with a bit of precipitation 🙂

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