Yearly State of the Game Room 2017

And here we are again. The yearly State of the Game Room. With the move to a new place, I got to move all the games into a single room which is a positive thing and lets me display them all rather than jumping between a couple of rooms to locate a game. I also have a lot better lighting in this room making gaming a lot easier.

I’ve added a good 6 Kallex shelf squares of games over the year. Bunny Kingdom and The Thing are two of the ones we enjoyed the most and the ones we’ll be taking to the end of year bash. Another one we played was The Others. It was a pretty interesting game with lots of bits but it really got a bit long a couple of times. I can do a couple or three hours of a game before I start wanting to end it.

List of games I can remember for the year by looking at the shelves. I’m sure I missed a couple especially since we moved this year. I do have an inventory system so I can keep track but I haven’t been keeping up on it. I’m working on getting it updated over the next few weeks or so. Maybe I’ll have a better list for next year 🙂

* 7th Sea RPG
* 7 Wonders: Duel Pantheon
* Apocalypse Prevention, Inc RPG
* Arkham Horror the Card Game
* Blood Bowl
* Bottom of the 9th
* Bunny Kingdom
* a few Call of Cthulhu books
* Castles of Burgundy Card Game
* Charterstone
* Clank
* Conan RPG
* Conan Board Game
* Dark Souls
* DC Deck Building Multiverse Box
* Dead of Winter Warring Colonies
* Dice Forge
* a few Dungons and Dragons books
* Elder Sign expansions
* Eldritch Horror expansions
* Evolution Climate
* Exit
* Fallout
* Fate of the Elder Gods
* Feast For Odin
* First Martian
* Five Tribes expansions
* Fragged RPG
* Gaia Project
* Jaipur
* Jump Drive
* Kemet
* Kindom Builder
* Kingdominos
* Kingsport expansion
* Legendary expansion
* Lovecraft Letters
* Magic Maze
* Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition expansions
* Massive Darkness
* Mountains of Madness
* My Little Pony RPG
* Netrunner packs
* New Angeles
* The Others
* Pandemic Second Season
* Pandemic Iberia
* Pandemic Rising Tide
* Paranoia RPG (Kickstarter)
* a few Pathfinder books
* Queendominos
* a couple of Red Dragon Inn expansions
* a few Savage Worlds books
* Scythe expansions
* Secret Hitler
* a few Shadowrun 5th books
* Sherlock Holmes expansions
* Cities of Spendor
* Talon
* Terraforming Mars
* The Thing
* Ticket to Ride Germany
* Time Stories
* Twilight Imperium
* via Nebula
* Villages of Valeria
* Whistle Stop
* Whitechapel expansion
* Whitehall
* a few X-Wing minis.

After getting things organized and making room for the next year, I have pictures.

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