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This is the index article that will provide links to individual articles on the conversion of one of my projects from a php/mysql(mariadb) to python and postgresql. There shouldn’t be too many however like my Kubernetes and ArgoCD series of articles, I’ll be doing this from the server build using terraform, the installation of postgresql 15 (current as of this writing), and the various tasks I need to perform to migrate my Status Management app.


I have a github site that contains a bunch of my projects. For this one, I’ll be adding the server build to the existing terraform repository and will use the server configuration repository to configure the new server. Once done, I’ll create a new repository for the Status Management application itself and as I progress, I’ll update it until it works with Python and Postgresql.


What am I trying to achieve here? Well, I want to learn Python more than the quick dabbling I do. I’m more comfortable with perl and shell scripts but more and more jobs require Python knowledge. I could get up to speed quickly enough I think if I was put in such a position but it’d be nice to be reasonably familiar first. Secondly I learn best when I have a project to work on. Going through the tutorials and building yet another hello-world application in python is boring and most of the books start off with teaching everything from the beginning. I don’t need to know how to code. I’ve been writing programs since the early 80’s.

And the same with Postgresql. I’m pretty familiar in general with MySQL and of course MariaDB but Postgresql is another one I should have some familiarity with. This project will show me how to migrate my existing data from mysql over to postgresql and of course how to properly craft statements in python to access the data and present it as a web page. It’ll be fun as always as I enjoy such thing immensely.

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