DevOps Interview

Did my interview Friday. Interesting in general. No real OS questions but questions on Kubernetes and Docker and interest in Helm. Then an actual hands on test. Configure Jenkins to upload a file from a Github site to an Amazon Web Site (AWS).

Git is a revision control software tool, github and gitlab are management sites for git. I’ve used revision control for 21 years but started poking at git last year.

Jenkins is a deployment tool. You set up a configuration that pulls code from github/gitlab when something changes and copies it up to a hosting site like a web server. I’ve used Jenkins for a couple of simple web sites I own.

I have an account for AWS but only poked at it a little. I created a Kubernetes site on Google as a learning project but that’s it.

So I spent 90 minutes on google getting this going, searching for how to upload to AWS from Jenkins, etc. I had a couple of false starts and at least one “sit back and think a minute” moment. They finally called time at 4pm with the task incomplete. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten it within a few more minutes. They had “copy directory blah up” but directory was a level down from the workspace directory.

I will say that I learned quite a bit from this test 🙂 Even for my personal sites. I used the test to rework my Jenkins process to exclude .git and use a shell command vs a plugin (less complicated).

Probably no on the job (nothing heard so far) but I took something away and need to do a little more poking.

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