Low Speed Crash at Work

Bah, I’m a little PO’d at myself.

They use some sort of sealer on the parking lot at work very similar to the tar used to repair cracks. So the parking lot is one big tar snake. I’m generally pretty conservative when riding though. Yesterday the SV650 felt a bit wobbly coming from the aisle onto the access road. Today I decided to take the corner a little wider and *boom* I’m on the ground.

After stopping, I got out from under the bike and got up. I stepped away and removed my helmet, scarf, and Gerbing gloves. As I was doing that, a guy pulled up and asked if I was ok. I said I was fine and we picked the bike up.

We chatted for a few minutes. He has an R1 but only rides at the track, he asked about my Hayabusa and Rita’s bike. He’s been paying attention. We introduced ourselves, him Darrin. He asked me a few times if I was ok. I said I was fine, not even shaking. More pissed than anything.

I started the bike and found the shifter bent back a little so it was difficult to shift. I Inspected the bike more, we discussed the usefulness of frame sliders and my gear of course.

As I started to get ready to head home, he asked me again if I was ok. I thanked him and believe he stuck around chatting just to make sure I didn’t react badly to the accident or have an injury that didn’t immediately show itself which I appreciated even more.

Certainly not a fast crash but I did leave about a fifteen foot frame slide scrape on the pavement. So I wasn’t doing 10mph either.

Gear was my aerostitch which got a little scraped up. In winter I wear a sweatshirt under and my Joe Rocket liner on the outside so it got a little scraped up down the left arm and shoulder.

Boots are a little scraped. Gloves too. And scraped up face shield.

Still, it was a bit colder than yesterday and the SV, even with stickier Metzler M3 SporTec tires (the Hayabusa has the Pirelli Angels), seems to be a bit lighter so slides a bit easier.

I have Ohlens on the rear, perhaps they need to be refreshed? Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about?

Pictures and commentary:

This is picked up straight and kickstand down. The rear gouge looks to be the rear slider which was bend a little and if you look, there’s a fainter gouge to the left which I think is the shifter as it bent back.

You can see the slide. I just turned to the left to take this pic. I may stop by today on my way south to get another picture of the approach.

My boot took some scraping damage and it also scuffed up the left side cover. If I’d been wearing tennis shoes, I might have damaged my foot.

This is what I was wearing. The left shoulder of the JR jacket got torn up and some scuffing down the left arm.

As you can see here.

Helmet got a little scraped up. Just a few scratches on the shield (which I have several replacements) and a tiny one on the chin bar and just above the shield, perhaps an impact one?

Jacket on the chair so you can see the holes.

Left arm. Nothing too bad. Certainly still wearable.

The shifter. I tried to straighten it out but it broke off. Time for a new one of those. I do have a spare rearset so I can still ride.

And the rear slider.

Damage to the bike is minimal. Shifter is the worst by far. The two frame sliders and the left side bar end were ground down a little.

I think I’ll be looking in to frame sliders for the ‘busa come spring 🙂

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One Response to Low Speed Crash at Work

  1. Jeff Sherard says:

    Dang dude – BE CAREFUL!

    Good thing you are OCD on the protection.

    Glad to see you are okay (and so is the bike :-).

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