New Monitors!

Got some new hardware for my computer. Tiger Direct has (perhaps had as of now 🙂 ) a sale on 23″ Acer widescreen LCD monitors. I’d already mentioned to Rita that I wanted to pick up a couple of Dell UltraSharp 23″ monitors, then rotate them 90* for better viewing (a 20″ x 20″ monitor essentially) but these were such a great deal that I checked them out further.

There were reviews on and TigerDirect that said these were nice and quick for gaming purposes (I play StarCraft II as well as a few others) so that’s a plus. Windows 7 lets me rotate monitors so I’m happy with that as well. A couple of other observations were a stuck pixel on some monitors as well as shipping was the original box and not repackaged in a more appropriate shipping container.

I checked with Rita and found she was in fact looking at getting the two Dell’s for Christmas. I told her to hold off, that I’d found a better, more appropriate monitor and went ahead and ordered them and ordered for second day delivery as well (it was $25 more for everything).

So here’s the current setup. That’s my old Sony E500 22″ CRT. It’s big and heavy and likely drawing too much power anyway. I picked up a couple of 17″ Acer LCDs a couple of years ago. At $100 each, it wasn’t a big deal really.

Here’s the new setup. Much better 🙂

I’ve shifted things just a tad from this pic as I get the screens oriented appropriately. These were in just a bit too much.

I replaced the other 22″ CRT I had on the internet gateway we’re using with one of the 17″ panels and put the other one behind my work laptop so I’d have more screen real-estate when working. I have four systems at work with 5 monitors (including the laptop screens) so I like lots of screen real estate.

I’ll be posting the three CRTs I have (yes I have one more for a total of three 22″ CRTs) on Freecycle (for the two that barely work) and Craigslist for my Sony which works just fine.

Next up, I’ll be creating stands so I can rotate the left and right monitor 90*. I’ll update here when done.

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