Adding Projects To Jenkins

A majority of my projects are simple websites or scripts. Nothing too complicated.

My binary files are located on my development server. Jenkins combines the git repo and binary files into a single distribution which is then sync’d up to the target host.

  1. Don’t forget, no spaces in project names.
  2. Create a standard, free flow project (the first option).
  3. When the configure page comes up, select ‘git’ and enter in the git information.
  4. Select Poll SCM. Either * * * * * for checking every minute or some derivation. My first project is minute by minute, the current one is every hour.
  5. Next, add a build step of Execute Shell and add the necessary lines to collect the site and then sync it to the target host.
  6. Save it
  7. Now on the target host, create a jenkins account and change the ownership of the target directory to ‘jenkins:jenkins’
  8. Finally, select ‘Build now’ in Jenkins.
  9. In the project page, click the down arrow for the current build and view the console.
  10. Resolve any errors

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