Northern Ride – Route

The Route to Boise

First leg: DC to Wheeling WV via Morgantown WV: 287.23 miles, 4 hours 53 minutes.

Leaving work at 2pm and heading towards a state park on the other side of Wheeling.

Second leg: Wheeling WV to Cincinnati Oh: 225.7 miles, 3 hours 43 minutes.

I’m actually heading for the King’s Park amusement park to ride The Beast rollercoaster.

Third leg: Cincinnati Oh to Madison WS: 448.14 miles, 7 hours 22 minutes.

I might try a jog to Milwaukee who knows.

Fourth leg: Madison WS to Sioux Falls SD: 437.48, 7 hours 10 minutes.

Fifth leg: Sioux Falls SD to Sturgis SD: 483.54 miles, 8 hours 52 minutes.

Actually the ride to Sturgis is faster but I’m going to hit the Badlands NP.

Sixth leg: Sturgis SD to Canyon Junction Wy: 456.75 miles, 9 hours 9 minutes

Seventh leg: Junction Wy to Boise Id: 427.41 miles, 8 hours 14 minutes

Total mileage: 2766.25

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