The week in practice II

Well it hasn’t been a week but I did get a bunch of practice in.

One of the items Zack gave me was a sheet with the notes listed for the frets. It is to help with doing the improv tuning. It took about 30 minutes to realize just what I was looking at though 🙂 The top bar (EADGBE) or all open strings and then just progress down the frets. A skip B C skip D skip E F skip G, simple as that.

So the top string (E 6) is E F skip G skip A skip B C skip D. I spent a good half hour jumping around the neck playing the notes. The “skips” indicate a flat or sharp. So it’s: E F F#/Gb G G#/Ab A A#/Bb B C C#/Db down to the 12th fret.

I practiced Friday for an hour. Mostly the normal practice but at the end I used the Blues practice against the blues backing tracks Zack provided. They came out pretty well. It’s easier for me to get the beat going when I’m following along and it sounded good. Saturday no practice, it was Christmas although I wanted to. Sunday an hour and then Monday I got going and a few times seemed to tune right in with the right sequence of notes.

It sounded very good.

I picked up a bag of picks and a pick holder on Friday because I can’t find my bag (of course now I’ll find it). More practice and up for Thursday’s lesson.

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