Guitar and Jamming

So I’m here writing code for a project at work and listening to the music that’s randomly popping up and up comes ‘Playing With My Friends’ by BB King and Robert Cray. It’s a song I particularly like, of course I like a lot of songs but I’m listening and tapping my foot and really into the song and I go *ping*


And I grab the guitar, plug in, turn on, and I’m playing with BB King and Robert Cray.

Now it’s not fancy or anything. I’m just doing the basic stuff with a few bends (pushing the string to get a higher not) and slides but I used both the b3 (flat 3) and standard Blues box (A) and just jammed with my ‘friends’.

I’m all grins. Just a few weeks and I can improv along with the music. I’m psyched 😀

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