Game Cafe For Sale

Back in January or February (2022 for the later readers) a story popped up in reddit’s r/boardgames subreddit about a game cafe in Saskatoon Saskatchewan for sale. The owner had passed and the family wasn’t interested in keeping it going. Sale price was $20,000 and take over some loan.

I spoke to the owner of my Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) and asked his opinion and he thought for a game cafe, it wasn’t out of line. After a bit of discussion, he commented that he and his wife would be interested in selling, but only if the buyer was me.

I’m a long time gamer. Even as a kid we played games at the house. Chess and various card games. As I grew older, I played other games and got into war gaming with Avalon Hill games. I stumbled on a Dungeons & Dragons game in the Recreation Center on post back in 1977.

After a couple of months of chatting with Jeanne and with Jamie and his wife Cat, I felt that actually purchasing their store would align with potentially retiring in a couple of years. Cat was moving along in her career and as the person doing the back end business work, she was just getting too busy to keep it up.

Anyway, that’s how things started.

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