Game Store Move: Todo List

I created a shared Google Doc document and shared it with the team. I am popping over and updating this list but the Google Doc is the final doc.

Work Estimates

  • Asbestos Testing. I called Rex Environmental. 5 Samples need to be taken. Same day testing, 24-48 hour results.
  • Architectural Drawings. The city requires drawings of the before and after. I called F9 Productions Inc he did suggest calling the City Inspector to see if it was needed. The City FAQ says yes. I did get a fast reply, no drawings are needed.
  • Demolition Permit. Longmont charges $50 for the permit.
  • Demolition. I called Gorilla Demolition.
  • Carpeting. I called Family Carpet One Floor & Home. These folks did the current shop’s carpet. After a review of the space, we’ll put carpeting in the retail space and Luxury Plank in the gaming space.
  • Shop Signage. I called Rabbit Hill Graphics and got a very nice sign.
  • Moving Company. I called Johnson Moving and Storage as we used them to move to the house.
  • Electrical Update. The shop needs 12 new outlets. The north wall has none at all. I called Leading Edge Electric.
  • Window Tinting. The current tinting is old, degraded, and peeling off in places. I called Spotshots Windows. It might be delayed depending on other costs.

Bathroom Work

At the moment, space wise the bathroom is ADA compliant. Currently there are no grab bars so we’ll be adding them in some time during the construction work.


  • Asbestos Testing. Landlord has someone coming out.
  • Permit for Demolition work.
  • Verify walls are removed and ready for paint.
  • Longmont needs to inspect the changes.


  • Need paint and paint gear for the walls.
  • Bring over the two spare sheets of slatwall and mount. See how many more are needed and procure them.
  • For the storage behind the north extension, get some general utility shelves. Customers and gamers won’t see these shelves (generally).
  • Get Ikea Kallex shelf units for the used board games and for terrain in the miniatures gaming space.


  • Empty the storage shed and get set up in the shop.
  • Empty the storage space in the game shop and get it moved over.
  • Bring over non-retail and easy to carry assets. Posters, pictures, board games, anything else that isn’t needed at the shop.

Utilities and Services

  • Transfer phone number and internet to my LLC.
  • Start Electricity
  • Start Longmont Services (water, trash, sewer).
  • Investigate Security Services including cameras
  • Investigate a Cleaning Service. Carpets, planks, windows, bathroom?
  • Investigate card singles insurance requirements.

Moving Company

Basically moving the shop to the new space. Wrapping up the shelf displays and loading them into the truck. Boxing up wall games and fixtures.

Final Move

  • Notify current lessor that we will not be extending the lease.
  • Box up games and accessories on the slatwall.
  • Remove slatwall and mount in the new shop.
  • Remove security system, camers, cables, and mirror.
  • Remove wall hangings.
  • Remove posters and stickers and clean front windows.
  • Stop electricity
  • Stop phone/internet (change to new space)
  • Stop Longmont services (water, trash, sewer)

Finals to not forget

  • Purchase safe and have installed
  • Review lease for what needs to be done at the old shop
  • Update distributor and publisher addresses (see wiki)
  • Update USPS (mailbox) and turn in key.
  • Update Google address so folks can find us
  • Update business license and deliver to vendors.
  • Notify the IRS
  • Update business cards
  • Get a drink cooler as we can sell refreshments at the new place.
  • Replace the phone
  • Replace the POS as it’s end of life.
  • Build Miniatures tables.
  • Shut down storage unit if empty
  • Need a desk and chair for the office.
  • Find a better chair for the POS area.
  • Notify bookkeeper
  • Replace the 12′ ladder. The current one is owned by James
  • Look into demo tables for games.

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