Guitar Class

So learning has been progressing. Zack gives me lots of encouragement and tonight he even invited me to the student concert (I think as a spectator though 🙂 ).

On the positive notes, Zack’s starting to compare me with his younger students. See (and I think I mentioned it previously), Zack would qualify all his compliments. They were still compliments and I cheerfully accepted them of course. He would say that I’m doing quite well in comparison with his other adult students and comment especially about how his technical students (computer geeks like me) do. The past couple of sessions, he’s been bringing up his younger ones though.

For example, barre chords. I got my fingers around it and was able to strum it and he said that he has students he’s had since the beginning (five years here) who would love to be able to get as good a note as I did.

Tonight he was showing me single string blues improv along with multi string and 6 string and said his earlier student wouldn’t be able to do this. Not because of any practice but because I’m more mature and can understand the concepts he’s getting across.

He’s also saying that I’m doing very well with lead and rhythm guitar lessons and he’s quite happy with my progress. Even though this week was a bear at work and I only got a few hours of practice in this week.

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