Observations on Rocksmith!

Couple of updates here.

There are over 150 versions of the 72 or so songs. Since each song can possibly reach 100,000 points, you’re talking 150,000,000 points. I’m only just reaching 4,000,000 points so I have lots and lots of playing ahead of me 🙂 By the way, I’m at 6th level, National Headliner.

I did pick up some of the downloadable content. They’re a bit on the expensive side at 240 MS points (so about 3 bucks per song) but breaking it down in half (averaging it out), it’s about a buck 50 per song version so not horribly expensive.

One note there. You need to shut down your xbox360 after you finish downloading all your content and when you restart it, let every bit come up fully before moving about. The extra songs put some sort of load on the system which causes the songs to disappear if you go into it too quickly. When I first checked, I didn’t reboot and I only got to Deep Purple and the rest of the songs I had were gone. I restarted it and did my normal skip over the start steps and the song listing was pretty garbled seeing Blue Oyster Cult many many times (keep going left and it just adds another copy). Finally I let the game start all the way up and settle down before looking at the songs and it worked ok. You can tell if you watch the background on your Current Journey. It’ll be jerky until everything is loaded in memory then it smooths out and you’re good to go.

Now, one interesting bit. In the songs there’s a bar chart layout for each of the sections. As you complete sections, the bar is filled in and up. When you have it all, the bar is filled in completely. I’m working very hard on The Cure, Boys Don’t Cry. The outro (end of the song) has been escaping me. I can play it in the Riff tool to 100% but at the end of the song I choke. I’m at 98,500 points so I’m close, real close.

I also just updated the two song listing posts I did back in December finishing up the listed versions of the songs.

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