Preparing For Touring

Getting ready to head out on another bike trip. This time for some family visit (like two years ago) plus a wedding plus a coveted Mile Marker 1 for Rt 1 in Key West Florida.

So the first thing is to bring up my routing software to see how to correctly plan the trip. See where the stops are, see where I might want to camp. The trip is in May so I have to plan for warmer weather but with a chance of rain in places.

First stop seems to be the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. The camp sites are all camper types so it might prove a little interesting. I’ll be able to get set up and go for a walk to get comfortable before hitting the sack and getting up bright and early Monday morning. Yep, instead of Saturday, I’m leaving Sunday morning. Saturday is Rita’s birthday and I want to take her out to dinner or something.

Second night will be in Twain Hart to visit family. From there to LA to visit my brother then San Diego to visit cousins and uncle assuming they’re available. Then on to Tulsa Oklahoma for a visit with my aunt then on to Florida for a day or two on the beach before the wedding. Then on to Key West and back to Orlando to visit with my younger daughter. From there to Deal’s Gap to Tulsa again and home.

That’s the estimated route. Riding through Nevada should be interesting and is a new route for me.

I have a new camp bed from last year when we drove up to Jasper/Banff in Canada. It’s a little longer than the old one but should be a much nicer one to sleep on (not slick so no sliding around when on a slight incline). The other items are my tent, tent poles, and of course the sleeping bag. I’ll probably stash that in the trunk.

Here are the saddlebags. I’ll need to check weights and properly distribute the gear. The heavier stuff should be lower to keep the center of balance low on the bike.

The right saddlebag has the motorcycle tool kit, electrical kit, plexus for the face shield and sunglasses, chain wax for the chain, and the misc bag with fuses, blue gloves, cable ties, etc.

The left saddlebag has a quart of Oil, Off, and WD-40 to clean the chain. The first aid kit is behind it and the air pump and flat kit in front.

This is the tank bag. It’s actually a tri-bag but the thing is a bit too high and floppy to use all three items so I generally leave the middle bag home. It tends to lean to the left most of the time which is annoying. I also cut off the backpack straps. The nice thing is it has four side pockets for my electronics (iPod, Autocomm, Boostaroo, etc) or other misc stuff.

The bag is mostly a catch all. Maps, camera stuff, disc locks, foam ear plugs. I’ll also have a couple of bags of nuts, sunglasses case, reading glasses, etc. It’s essentially the glove box on the bike.

Tail bag. This’ll have clothes mostly; jeans, socks, t-shirts, etc. All bagged in a plastic bag for protection.

Camp pillow (it actually scrunches down pretty small but you leave it expanded when not traveling so it retains the ability to stay fluffy). Couple of flash lights (one’s a new tent light), bag of misc toiletries. Tent pegs.

I dropped the bike while making a turn in North Dakoka a couple of years back. It’s gradually expanded so I figure I need to address it. I applied fibreglass to the inside and left it to cure overnight. I put it back on once dry. I figure it’ll take a few more days to fully cure but it should be good for now.

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2 Responses to Preparing For Touring

  1. Jeff Sherard says:

    That’s a lot of stuff – maybe you should just give up and go by car 🙂

    Looks like a great trip. I think I’d be a little saddle sore after all those miles!

    Have fun.

  2. Freejack says:

    What fun would taking a car be? 🙂 Heck, it’s a week of riding, a week of sitting by the beach, and a week of riding. Not that much of a problem 🙂

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