You have a funny spot on your back

This past Sunday, Rita and I were in Naples Florida (see the other posts) and I got a lovely sunburn. While Rita was putting lotion on my back, she noticed a mole that looked funny. When we got home, Rita made an appointment with the dermatologist at the local clinic which I went to yesterday afternoon.

It was an interesting experience for sure. Besides getting a stern talking to about having sunblock on no matter the situation, she checked the spot and determined it was a “barnacle” and not a problem. She then checked the rest of my skin. On my left shoulder was a small black mole which she decided to excise and do a biopsy on. She also found two other moles I should pay attention to. One on my left arm about sleeve level and one in the middle of my left shin.

I should get a status of the biopsy Monday.

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