Riding to GenCon 45

Monday (and some of Sunday night) was spent mostly going over personal stuff (the Rita and me thing). She’s a good sounding board. Both are nurses and she’s in the psych ward. Not that it makes her a professional, but I generally can get some good advise. My main issue is reviewing all that’s happened and trying to make sure I don’t ruminate on all the events trying to see where I went wrong. It was an interesting conversation from the both of them really.

During lunch, I introduced her to Chipotle’s, which they’ve never gone to. I think I’ve converted them from Fuddrucker’s to Chipotle’s (and maybe from the Rib Crib as well 🙂 ). We also headed over to Guitar Center so she could hit up Hobby Lobby and Bed, Bath, and Beyond while I idled around guitars, amps, and such 🙂

I picked up a package of jazz picks and then a Telecaster. It was badly out of tune and I was pleased to find that I could rough tune it by ear and was pretty close 🙂 I played a few riffs and also checked out the rest of the gear. I’m always amazed at how inexpensive some of the gear is. A 4×12 speaker cabinet is $300 (yea, just a box with four big assed speakers but still). There’s a guy at work selling a stack for $950. I thought it was a pretty nice deal after checking on line but find it’s pretty average and not a “sweet deal” 🙂

Once done we headed back to the house and watched movies and chatted more. I packed up my gear to be ready to go and found their dog had barfed big time on the bedroom floor, yoinks! After the clean up I headed off to bed.

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