Alaska Trip Preparation

I’ve been planning a trip to Alaska since I went to Labrador. I’ve snagged the Milepost books for the past few years to try and plan. I’ve also made a couple of trips into Canada, especially Jasper/Banff which is a great park. I’ve planned the route a couple of times. In chatting with a couple of guys from the Colorado Sportbike Club, they are attempting their IronButt ride so we decided to ride together as far as South Dakota. Of course that means I leave a little later than I normally do 🙂 Also, David (mtrider16) from has made his place available for a stop so that’s in the trip plan as well. I also plan on a stop in to see my daughter in Portland. Should be a fun trip.

I have a packing list I’ve refined over the past few trips and started gathering up my gear. Tent because I enjoy motocamping in addition to the other gear. I also have a new tank bag with three layers so lots of room for the trip. I also have the tail bag + saddlebags set up and ready for the trip.

One of the things I did was replace the CoolPix 2500 with a Canon 7MP digital camera so I can get better pictures. I did get it at Circuit City where I’ve mostly bad luck with electronics but it got several good reviews so I made the call. I intended on taking a Denver Post with me to The Arctic Circle and get a picture. But I needed a better camera for the pic. So Alaska is a goal, the Arctic Circle is the primary goal with a possibility of hitting Deadhorse.

I got the bike packed and ready to go. Unfortunately, while strapping gear down, the helmet dropped to the floor breaking the right side visor holder. Fortunately, Rita has the same helmet so I swapped the mechanical bit and put the visor back on.

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