Alaska Route Planning

Here is where I’ll list up the possible sights and scenery there is along with suggestions for routes for the Alaska trip.

One of the guys at work is from Alaska and recommended the Alaska Marine Highway. Catch the Ferry at Haines Terminal in Alaska and get off in British Columbia at the Prince Rupert Terminal. Costs are $212 for the Hayabusa and $160 for me (so $372 total). However under Special Fares, it says the Driver travels free so it may be just $212. Depends on whether the Hayabusa is considered a ‘Passenger Vehicle’. I’ll have to call.

Website is: Alaska Marine Highway


Haines -> Juneau – 4:30
Juneau -> Petersburg – 8:00
Petersburg -> Ketchikan – 3:00
Ketchikan -> Prince Rupert – 6:00

Total of 21:30 not including the times for the stops.

I’ll have to plan my route well in order to make reservations.

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