Track Day Planning

Here are the minimum requirements:


  1. Coolant drained and replaced with water
  2. Mirrors removed
  3. Lights unplugged and taped over
  4. Good tires
  5. Good brake pads


  1. 1 Piece suit or 2 piece suit that zips together all the way around. Must be all leather (no textiles allowed)
  2. Gloves that extend past the wrist
  3. Boots that cover the ankles
  4. Full face helmet (flip up’s are not acceptable)
  5. Back protector
  6. Have taken an approved track riding course in the last 3 years (and are able to prove it with some kind of certificate)
  7. The right attitude – it’s a fun track day, not a race. There are no points on the line here.
  8. Emergency contact information placed in an obvious location (hope you don’t need it!)


  1. A cooler full of water
  2. snacks
  3. something to provide shade
  4. sunscreen
  5. a chair to sit in when you aren’t on the track
  6. tire pressure gauge

a basic set of tools to work on your bike (hope you don’t need them!)

  1. Metric open end and socket wrenches
  2. Allen wrenches
  3. screwdrivers
  4. pliers in various sizes
  5. duct tape
  6. safety wire (and pliers)
  7. tubing for bleeding brakes
  8. any unique tools required for my bike (axle wrench, chain tension adjuster etc)
  9. tire pressure gauge
  10. extra oil
  11. extra brake fluid
  12. zip ties
  13. stands for both ends of the bike
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