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With the kickback from the refinance and the October skipped payment, I can get caught up on some gaming gear. Mostly books and such that I’ve been putting off.

Saturday we had the Denver RPG Meetup get together. Jon is the “Owner” of the Meetup and Wendy and I are Co-Coordinators. There are 20 or so Event Coordinators. The group was created to help get the folks who run games together with gamers looking for games to play in. Last year we reached 1000 meetups and Wendy went ahead and had a 1000 Meetup Commemorative die created and passed them out. August we hit 1000 members so Wendy did it again with a 1000 Member Commemorative die and Saturday was the get together.

Anyway, Jeanne and I went and poked around a bit. I snagged several Legend of the Five Rings books plus a couple of Solomon Kane Savage Worlds books, a Rogue Trader book, and a couple of board games. Goblins Inc and Bioshock Infinite. I broke that out and we played a game. Took a bit but it was still an interesting game. Not quite a resource manager. More of an expanded Risk type game.

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