Red Hat Study, Take 1

Going through the study book which is 17 chapters of which the first chapter is setting up your system and installing Red Hat. Disk layout, configuration, setting up an http and ftp server with installation media. I got the http and ftp sites set up, no big deal. It has selinux enabled (sestatus) so you have to change the context of the directories or they won’t be visible to the services (chcon -R –reference).

Which means chapter 1 is completed.

Chapter 2 is setting up virtual machines and kickstarts. I already set up the first server (server1) using both CentOS 6.6 and CentOS 7.1 for comparison purposes. I have two more to set up in each environment. They are setting up a webserver/dbserver back end protected by a firewall from the third server, an external “attacker”.

Chapter 3 is basic command line stuff, should be simple enough.

Chapter 4 lists security bits.

Chapter 5 is the boot process

Chapter 6 is file system administration

Chapter 7 is Package management. Should be interesting since I do know how to use yum (package manager) but there are extra bits on managing repos and in creating rpms.

Chapter 8 is User administration.

Chapter 9 is System administration tasks. Probably printers (cups) and such.

Chapter 10 starts the RHCE chapters starting with ‘A Security Primer’, probably firewalls. I’ve managed various different firewalls including iptables. CentOS7 has firewalld though, should be different 🙂

Chapter 11 discusses services and SELinux.

Chapter 12 is more extensive System administration tasks.

Chapter 13 is Email. I’ve managed sendmail and postfix so don’t feel too out of it.

Chapter 14 is the web server. I’ve set up many web servers. I expect no surprises here.

Chapter 15 is Samba (accessing Windows servers from Linux). I did lots of work with Samba back 10 years or so ago and I’ve some client scripting so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Chapter 16 is more about File Sharing (probably NFS). Little NFS work in my experience. It’s come up a few times but generally it requires some review before implementing.

Chapter 17 looks to touch on DNS, FTP, and log review. I run DNS servers and have for years. I just set up an ftp server at work so no biggie. And I’m a big log management type person.

After that, there are exam preps to review.

Let’s get the server environment up, shall we?

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