Red Hat Certification, Take 2

Second day of poking about at certification. I’m studying the Red Hat 6 exam but have a dual environment set up. Three CentOS 6.6 virtual servers and three CentOS 7.0 servers. It lets me look at what the book is presenting and compare it against the new OS poking about at differences between the two.

Chapter 2 sets up the KVM (virtual machine) environment, which I did yesterday, and reviews both the kickstart process (which we do a lot), the kickstart-configurator, and finally a review of ssh. While we don’t use the configurator, we do use ssh, a lot. But I’m sure there’ll be a few things I knew in my day-to-day work and a few things I didn’t know because either the way I did things already worked or it wasn’t something we needed to do.

Without taking the exams, I’m curious if it’s a “this stuff is broken, fix it” or “we need 6 servers that do web, ftp, nfs, database, and a front end firewall on these networks” type of test. Break-fix can be fun but if things are working, troubleshooting it can be a PITA.

And standard admin tools are discussed; nmap, telnet, mail, lynx (well, elinks; text web browser), and ftp (well, lftp). Pretty common stuff although with some differences in the commands to use.

Chapter 3 is standard command line tools. Should be a piece of cake.

Shells, commands, manage files, text file review (grep anyone?), man and info pages, text editors (as long as they don’t force emacs 🙂 ), services, and network management (hosts, resolv.conf, network, ifcfg-eth0, ifcfg-bond0, route-eth0). All pretty normal stuff.

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