Red Hat 7 Stuff Again

I decided to check out the new ‘*ctl’ features of RH7 and found a few new things in addition to systemctl and journalctl.

bootctl – Manages the boot loader and firmware. ‘status’ tells the status of the boot loader. On Solaris, you don’t know if the boot loader exists on a mirrored drive so you run the command anyway just in case. This might let you confirm there’s a boot loader on a disk?

hostnamectl – Manages the three hostname bits; pretty, icon, and chassis. for icon naming conventions.

journalctl – Manages the binary log file.

kdumpctl – Manage kdump? No man page and nothing from a quick google search.

keyctl – Manages various system keys; user and keyrings. Long man page but doesn’t really explain why.

localectl – manage locales on a system (change keyboard language type for example)

loginctl – manage user logins

machinectl – vm and container manager

pactl – Manage a PulseAudio sound server. 🙂

panelctl – Manage a digital cable box?

pmcollectl – similar to collectl but provides more info (and is written in python instead of perl; wtf?)

systemctl – manages services, similar to svcs and svcadm on Solaris or service/chkconfig on Linux.

systemd-coredumpctl – get coredumps from journeld

systemd-loginctl – seems similar to loginctl

teamctl – An alternative (and supposedly better) way of aggregating interfaces into a single L2 interface.

timedatectl – Manages the date and time and ntp info.

udisksctl – Gets information from disks. List shows the disks, info gives more detailed information about disks.

wdctl – Manage the watchdog status.

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