RHCE Performance

RHCE Objectives: Produce and deliver reports on system utilization (processor, memory, disk, and network).

This is a bit more flexible. You can use several tools to get processor, memory, disk, and network information such as

iostat – cpu and disk information
vmstat – procs, memory, swap, system, and cpu info
netstat – network statistics
mpstat – cpu

You do need to remember that the first line is stats since the system was booted.

You can also use dstat which gives you a display (use the -f flag) info for cpus, disks, network, and memory. Plus you can send the output to a csv file for export into a spreadsheet.

sar is an old handy tool that also gives you the same stats, cpu, memory, swap, and network.

All three sets of tools can be used to generate reports depending on what report is of interest.

An excel spreadsheet would likely have the output of dstat be the easiest for reporting purposes.

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