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A few years ago I snapped the orange Givi key off in the lock when storing lunch in the Givi 45L topcase. At the time, I broke out the big screwdriver and pried it open. I delayed because a bungee cord holds it in without an issue. Last year I followed up with Givi and they were super helpful. No replacement keys but you can get a replacement barrel and key set.

I bought the set and then tried to remove the assembly. There’s a screw on the inside but no dice. It wouldn’t come off. I screwed it back on thinking there was a safety bit on the inside so it must be unlocked first. I was on the lookout for a locksmith but they pretty much weren’t in the office, out helping folks get in their cars or rekeying houses.

I can remove the topcase by unscrewing the locking block on the base plate. Tonight I thought I’d try some super glue to reattach the broken key with the bit stuck in the barrel that broke off. Nope. Tried a small screwdriver too but no dice.

I realized there were four screws underneath that holds the mechanism that mounts to the base. Unscrew these four and it comes apart, bits everywhere. But the bit with the barrel also came off. Remove the locking washer, the barrel, and the seat, and put in the new bits.


This is heavily curse inducing.

There’s a plate that slides into a couple of grooves and is screwed in with the screw inside the case. Took a bit of study and a lot of cursing to get it figured out, in place, and screwed down.

The bottom is worsethough. A metal sliding plate with two heavy springs to keep it locked to the base. Plus a small spring and washer behind the orange push button on a peg. The washer is right on the end of the pin. Plus the positioning requires some fancy tool or something to maintain pressure as it’s assembled.

I’d seemingly get it in place but it was at an angle and I couldn’t close the locking mechanism. The plate on the top piece was a bit bent so I thought I might have to straighten it. Then I tried it without the spring and washer and realized there are two more bits of grooved plastic the bottom piece fits into.

Eventually, with all the cursing (but nothing thrown), I simply left out the spring and washer. I got it reassembled and the two inner springs push the Push button back out without issue and it mounts fine.

It’s back in place, locked, bungee in the case. Key on my key ring with the other Givi key for the C14. I blacked in the ‘busa Givi key so I knew which was which.

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