Family Adventure – Day 17

Left cabin 7 at 6:45. Can’t check out and get deposit until they open at 7.
Zipped out for a quick run down to get a morning pic, then back for the deposit
Problem is that the sun is right in my eyes making some corners very hard to negotiate.
Ran into some roadwork, several miles of dirt road incuding a bit of really soft stuff at the end. Glad to get out though.
Once at dibpis, the countryside changed to more farmland and flat, then scrub.
Made muddy gap with a minimum of problem
Headed down to rawlings to grab lunch. Kfc chicken strips
Headed on down 90, still figuring what i wanted to do. Sign for laramie showd 97 miles. Sincw i didn’t want to hit 100,000 miles on the freeway, i headed south to stockbridge.
Stopped for a nice pic since i didn’t know for sure where 100,000 would hit
Got gas and headed out
Counted down to 100,000
At 99,999 i stopped for a pic, then again at 100,000. Needant have worried. Very nice ohoto op
Headed to 130 and over the snowy range.
Quite nice ride, little traffic
Stopped at a few spots for pictures, went back for a few, the, headed to centennial
Picked up a few raindrops coming down the mountain
Stopped at laramie for gas
Woman asked what was the rocket on my back. Explained about the camelbak and hydration
Headed down 287 and home
Stopped as rain was starting, the first real rain.
I hit some spkashback, but minimal rain
In colorado at the rest Rea, i chatted with a coup,e headed to longmont. Gave them some advise on taking 287 vs trying for 25 south.
Headed on down, co sidered removing gear but it still drizzled
Hit heavy rain briefly before the turn into fort collins
Riding south at 4:30 was crazy. Traffic was worse than i expected even in loveland
Finally made it home at 5ish

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