Family Adventure – Day 16

Started at 4:45am by waking. Got gear packed and out the door at 5:30
Temp started at 54, dropped to 48 before it started warming up
Had a nice ride up the pass but got to 35 in a construction area. Got off at 2 when i saw a sign for yellowstone
Got gas and a sausage egg xheese biscuit
Headed on diwn and spotted a limestpne quarry
Stopped at lewis and clark caverns. Got pics
Nice run dowm to yellowstone
Got in park ok at noon, nice to have sticker
Slowed by big backup. Elk and mainly buffalo blocking road. Rangers on horseback escorted them off
Campgrounds full
Headed south. Not sure of destination. Spotted geisers and headed that way.
Got to old faithful in time 15 or so minute wait, got good pics of eruption
Decided to head down 287 home, stopping if i get the chance
Figure i can get home if i ride or just stop
Traffic horrible. Running at 35 for an hour, no passing. More slowness due to elk. Due to stop and go, temps reached 120, i suspect partly due to engine heat though
Finally bailed at rv park at 5:30.
Cabin 10 more than site, less mosquitoes. Got at least three more even with off. One on middle toe swelled right up

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