State of the Game Room: 2017

Got my gaming table done last year.

Building a New Gaming Table

And plans for the Dice Towers.

Building Dice Towers

And last year I picked up a storage unit from Ikea (first picture).

Yesterday we headed down to Ikea again and picked up 2 more; one 4×4 for under the window (5′ hight) and one 5×5 like the first. From looking at the games in the computer room, I have sufficient space for another 5×5 in the game room which will help with being able to get my books out of the closet again. But one of my main goals was to get the games out of the computer room and off the desktops specifically. I’m not ever going to have all the games in the game room. There’s just not the space without moving the TV and couch out (and even then there’s not the space). It takes about 4 storage boxes for a shelf and there are 3 larger shelves which takes about 12 boxes or half a 5×5 unit. The shorter shelves are about 3 boxes and there are 6 shelves which is 18 boxes for a total of 30 boxes potentially. Another 5×5 unit plus a narrower 5×2 maybe for 35 boxes. Maybe next to the A rack (first picture).

7th Sea through Pandemic in the Game room and Pandemic Legacy through Zpocolypse in the computer room.


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